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J, I'll throw in Antonio Meccariello. Endless MTO options, fully handwelted, first class finishing. Plus trial shoes and custom last adjustment.
J, look at St Crispin's, almost endless MTO options and no MTO premium. And of course, they are handwelted, which is only available if you go bespoke for Northampton makes.
Justin, having read other threads on shoemaking, I don't believe the intention is to justify only handwelting.  I think the argument is that handwelting or even Goodyear welting using a carved channel to the insole as the feather for stitching the welt make for a stronger connection between the insole and the welt compared to Goodyear welting using a canvass feather glued to the insole. I suppose it is an education process for me to learn the different methods of...
Most here have enough pairs on rotation to make sure this wouldn't happen in their lifetime.
Thank you DWFII, you changed my understanding of value for shoes that I buy nowadays.  
Hi DWFII   I understand that most Goodyear welt is done by sewing the welt to a raised canvas feather that is glued to the leather insole (gemming).  However, is it possible that a Goodyear welt be sewn to a raised leather feather that is carved from the leather insole, similar to how a handwelt is done?   Thanking you in advance.
Moosic Great score 😍. In terms of construction and workmanship, they surpass the JL William boot.
Mike Will the recent EFF Rivet Chinos be based on the original cut or the new cut? Thanks
  Reminds me of the informercials where the audience are holding their cash on hand and waving them around hoping that the presenter will take it away from them and throw in a set of free steak knives with whatever they were buying.
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