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I don't know much about Langlitz but I own Lost Worlds and Aero jackets. The fit, finishing and quality of Lost Worlds is just out of this world.  I work with Stuart (LW) via email and phone for the fit and leather weight, and the jackets came out great. BTW, LW is having a summer sale (10% off) for their regular sizes if you are keen.     Having said that, with $1800 budget, you have a good many choices. Most makers will work with you to achieve the right fit so maybe...
They're French and for reasons beyond my understanding seems to want to maintain a perceived 'aura of mystique'.  If you are in Shanghai, try ringing JM Weston in Hong Kong.  Also, you may wish to ring/email JM Weston Paris Champ Elysee directly but they expect you to know the model and your size.  My impression is that they are not set up for online sales and don't intend to even in this era of internet commence.
I take the same size for Chiseled, Sailor, Classic and Riva. They all fit the same with only the difference in toe shape.Not sure about Novello and Screwdriver as I have not tried them.
To clarify, length is ok, but width is tight.
I'm a 6E in Barrie, so 6E in Aberdeen is tight for me
Ordered direct from shoemart and waited 6 mths for my size only to realise it didn't fit, sigh.....
Thanks didn't mean to break rules. I'll amend the post.
And your used Ravello PTB at a premium is ok?
US 6E Aberdeen Last Alden NST 9 Eyelet Boots Rare Ravello Shell Brand New (only right boot is laced to try on) Double leather sole (360 degree welt) Comes with Box (Note: box cover torn), Alden Shoe Bags, Clear Plastic Bags Ships from Australia Int'l sale: Actual shipping via EMS with Tracking (transit time depends on country's post and customs) apply May seek references from buyer if required   PLEASE PM (Response may be delayed due to different time zone to Nth...
Try iefrancis.com.au.  He's more of the casual style using Horween CXL.  Check with wootten.com.au, Wootten is a cordwainer but he might be able to do belts.
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