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Let's face it. JL has to adapt and change with the market. They have to capture new market share and new customers from emerging markets. They owe existing customers nothing. If we don't like it, go somewhere else. Maybe another ex JL shoemaker, Cordwainer or last maker with private equity funding will start his/her own brand and become the flavour of the month in SF. Then all of a sudden this new brand becomes the 'go to' trunk shows and MTO programs. Until it gets...
Hi, try shoehealer.co.uk
Heads up, JL Warwick on sale at Barneys
Go see Chris from DoubleMonk for your shoes to complete your ensemble.
I recommend Hiras fashion. Andy Hira will be in Melbourne from Tues 3 Dec. Hiras is a forum affiliate. I've used them since 09. Prices start from $1000 depending on fabric .
Reminds me of Jame Gumb. Sends shivers down my spine.
Thanks fellow members,   Carmina Shell NST and EG Walcot from Unipair.  Thank you Unipair Guy!
Thanks you,  I was being adventurous in choosing such an unusual colour like Chameleon for my first pair of EG.  But I thought, hey, I don't see that colour from other makers, the deal was great, so pull the trigger.  The Walcot came second but you can't go wrong with Edwardian right?
Yes DpprDr, Chameleon Oundle in 82, Edwardian Walcot in 888, and Saddle Shell NST Carmina in Simpson.   Love your EG collection too.
Thank you, Sir! 
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