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Sorry to post this here @luxire but could someone please reply to my emails regarding the issues with order #14507. I've been trying to get a response for four days now.    EDIT. Luxire has replied to me.
I'm really glad that this thread has been cleared up. Pongy, thanks very much for posting these photos and giving us a writeup of your experience. This kind of thing really helps others who are about to go through the same process. I'm really looking forward to seeing the final result when it's all finished. Best of luck with it.
Fair call. Was hoping this thread was genuine as I'd really like to hear a few more opinions on these tailors.  I'll keep searching the forum.
Nope, not a company. Sorry that was my first post but google lead me to Styleforum.  I have just moved to London from Sydney. I've had a couple of suits made there and am now looking at what's available in bespoke and MTM under £1500. 
I'm really interested to know how it went. I've just moved to London and am looking at those exact same tailors. Also, could you elaborate on what you thought of the other tailors during their consultations or what made you choose Elizabeth Radcliffe?   Cheers!
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