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I would be in on this on a rubber sole. Whats the status of the GMTO?
Oh thats true. Had forgot about that GMTO (if you ref. to the two toned rain last boot). Leaves, when can we get confirmation om that makeup (20 pages back)?
Anyone interested in this makeup as a GMTO?   Black or brown is fine with me.  Rubberole. Plain toe cap also works. Calf seems like the only option since carmina doesnt accept any cordovan orders.
I would be more than interested in doing this combo makeup in black or brown and with rubber sole (cordovan or calf doesnt mather - i did however love below makeup in cordovan).
What about eyelets? Would prefer steal. Delivery should be around 3 months from when and if we are placing order. But we have to wait for Carminas response to be sure.
I would be in for dainite.
Om on the exact same line.
I would be in for something like that.
Status of above GMTO on rain in navy suede. toblov (confirmed on rain) jorgerunfast (confirmed on rain) beez (awaits confirm on rain) monkeymajik (confirmed on rain) nikosk (only interested in forest)
 Great. We are at most four interested in rain since nikosk is only in on the forest last. toblov (confirmed on rain)jorgerunfast (confirmed on rain)beez (awaits confirm on rain)monkeymajik (awaits confirm on rain)nikosk (only interested in forest)
New Posts  All Forums: