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Cant find them on your website. Is it rubbersole?
I will visit scab in the coming week for fitting of size and last. Im not sure if rain or simpson last fits be the best.
I might be in on that. What about sole? Im in if rubber!
If we are 6 there is no upcharge. 3600 SEK incl vat, 2880 SEK excl vat. And approx 6-8 weeks deliberativa time. Leaves or Gabriel might be able to confirm. I will though have to visit skoab for fitting of size. Thought i had a shoe on Simpson last but i didnt. So i hope the last fits me. So i might not be in if rain fits me better. I guess Forest last is not an option?
Totally agree, make it much cleaner! Then we are 5 (only one more to go):papercutmcl911JARBMDeKelvertoblov
This exact makeup but on simspon: http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/collections/oxfords/products/carmina-museum-calf-adelaide
So, how many are we? Atleast us two.
im in on that. On the waiting list for next match. But prefer Simpson so count me in for without heel counter.
Säljer ett par Carmina Fur lined 80179 Derby Boot på lästen Soller i storlek UK 9, med gummisula. Dem är endast provade så skicket är som nytt. Köpta via skoaktiebolaget (GMTO) förra året. Dem är behandlade med saphir renovateur och lite mörkbrun saphir polish fram på tåhättan. Kvitto för köpet finns. Allt som följde med vi köp följer med så som skolkartong och två skopåsar.   Pris: 3000 SEK   Möts upp i Stokholm alt skickas på köparens bekostnad.
Could not find them on website. However, live within EU so ordering from outside eu is a killer due to high import charged.
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