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Do gitman staples like the blue, white, olive oxfords ever go on sale? I don't think I've ever seen these on sale.  How about the petrol blue :) :)
 I know right.  We both need to overcome this senseless fear.
 Well what better way to end this bloodshed than through a peace offering of quality gitman shirts!
Is it soft? My white one is too stiff   Has anyone gotten the firetruck red.  It looks so good but I'm not sure if I'll wear it.  I'm really skinny but not sure if I can pull it off.  It really pops though, anyone experienced a similar dilemma?
anyone ever tried the basic white oxford? It is extremely stiff and gets stiffer with every wash, anyone have any solutions?  my oxfords usually get softer every time.
Thanks guys, nothing that really catches the eye atm.  Hope they won't disappoint and XS don't go too fast this time.
when is the fall collection coming out anyone know?
Where can I pick up some xs? south willard usually keeps only 1-2 for a few patterns and sells out hours after a sale starts and acrimony doesn't carry xs at all.  I'm looking for plaids and cool patterns.  Also is there a repository of all the shirts from previous seasons? Thanks!®-Oxford-Dress-Shirt/529Q,default,pd.html?dwvar_529Q_Color=PINK&contentpos=8,default,pd.html?dwvar_531Q_Color=PINK&contentpos=20   anyone know the difference btw the two?  which is the more popular, more classic choice? which has the better shade of pink, ie not too pink somewhat subdued would be...
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