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It works.I just did a mock try.It appears in the screen after selecting shipping method
My new pair of Kenilworth (black) :). Got in on clearance sale from AE website combined with $50 AMEX promo. Final price ~ $161 
If this can be done that would be awesome. Thanks msulinski.   @rydenfan Thanks. I agree that was my dilemma. What do u think about walnut / brown park avenue ?Looks good in pics.
Hi guys,                 I am in the market for my first first allen edmond. I am looking for something that can be worn with suits or jeans. I narrowed down to strand walnut / park avenue black. I am going to New York for 4th of July weekend. Can anyone suggest the best place/deal to buy one or both these shoes? Looks like nordstrom will have sale around July 10th but it appears like lot of people are gunning for that sale ;).   Also if anyone knows any reliable...
Thank you ChetB
Guys !! I am looking to purchase some nice shirts for a wedding. The egyptian cotton shirts look pretty good. However I am not sure about the size. There are no stores close to where I live. I am 5 feet 9 inch with chest 39 inch and about 150 pounds.   Would slim fit or extra slim fit be better for me?   I am flying to New York for July4th weekend. If I buy now, and the shirts dont fit me, will I be able to exchange a different size shirt for the same deal...
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