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I have a pair of ML snuff suede plain toe boots in size 10D that I have to part with in case anyone is interested.
No longer available.   These are seconds that have been worn twice. For me, Modified 10D = Barrie 10D, albeit with a bit more arch support. The supple suede and single flex-welt sole results in a boot feels as comfortable as Alden's suede dovers.   I believe these were made for a Japanese retailers and are thus pretty rare in the U.S.   http://blog.supermax-tokyo.com/?eid=1070933   The defects are some small tears in the lining and piping leather as shown in the...
I've lost a good deal of weight, and so unfortunately I didn't even get a chance to wear any of these fine trousers. All are unworn and unaltered. The cotton pairs have been washed and tumble-dried on low once to induce shrinking, while the wool pairs are new with tags. Cotton 1) Rivet Chino - Galey & Lord Twill Coffee - Size 34 - $110 + shippingThis is the original fit (pre-May 2015) Waist: 34.5 Inseam: 35.5 Thigh 1" below crotch: 12.25 Cuff: 7.75    2) Rivet Chino -...
Thanks, razl.
 I agree, but sometimes I've been pleasantly surprised with selling on Grailed. In the past, I've listed on both SF and Grailed several CM-type items (couple of pairs of Epaulet trousers, multiple pairs of Carminas and Aldens), and they've been snapped up over there without receiving so much as a peep of interest over here.
No longer available.   Brand new and looking mighty fine. A couple of things to note:   1) There are a few light scratches here and there, but—shell being shell—these will come out with buffing if you're concerned.   2) Note that the toe area of the right boot is a somewhat lighter shade than the toe of the left boot.   Comes with the (somewhat distressed) original box, shoe bags, and an extra set of laces.   Thanks!
Picked this Brelio up a while back. Not sure what kind of shell it is, but my guess would be Shinki. A little big for my tastes, so I use my Ashland Tony the Ant exclusively.      
  I have a Tony the Ant, and the tight fit of dollars is my only complaint. I ended up just folding bills like in the video link above. Inserting bills the normal way will get slightly better as the inside gets a bit more slick with use, but not by much.    
New and unused in Horween brown CXL. Great case, currently sold out on Ashland's site. Price includes shipping.
No longer available.   Brand new and unworn, though they have been tailored. Measurements below.   I bought these and then promptly lost a bunch of weight. Enough weight to switch completely to Walts and Rivets rather than trying to get these tailored.   Measurements are standard Rudy fit with the following alterations: Waist: 18" (originally 17.5") Inseam: 31" with a 2" cuff (can be let out a bit) Outseam: 41"   Price includes shipping.
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