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 Thanks, razl.
Price drops.
No longer available.   A wonderful pair of C&J Marlows in US 10.5D. Though some like to go down a half-size on these, my vote is for going true-to-size. A half size down would result in a cramped toe box in my opinion.
I have a pair of ML snuff suede plain toe boots in size 10D that I have to part with in case anyone is interested.
No longer available.   These are seconds that have been worn twice. For me, Modified 10D = Barrie 10D, albeit with a bit more arch support. The supple suede and single flex-welt sole results in a boot feels as comfortable as Alden's suede dovers.   I believe these were made for a Japanese retailers and are thus pretty rare in the U.S.   http://blog.supermax-tokyo.com/?eid=1070933   The defects are some small tears in the lining and piping leather as shown in the...
I've lost a good deal of weight, and so unfortunately I didn't even get a chance to wear any of these fine trousers. All are unworn and unaltered. The cotton pairs have been washed and tumble-dried on low once to induce shrinking, while the wool pairs are new with tags. Cotton 1) Rivet Chino - Galey & Lord Twill Coffee - Size 34 - $110 $95 + shipping [[SPOILER]]   2) Rivet Chino - Chocolate Ripstop - Size 34 - $100 $90 + shipping [[SPOILER]]   3) Slim Walt Trouser - Grey...
Thanks, razl.
 I agree, but sometimes I've been pleasantly surprised with selling on Grailed. In the past, I've listed on both SF and Grailed several CM-type items (couple of pairs of Epaulet trousers, multiple pairs of Carminas and Aldens), and they've been snapped up over there without receiving so much as a peep of interest over here.
No longer available.   Brand new and looking mighty fine. A couple of things to note:   1) There are a few light scratches here and there, but—shell being shell—these will come out with buffing if you're concerned.   2) Note that the toe area of the right boot is a somewhat lighter shade than the toe of the left boot.   Comes with the (somewhat distressed) original box, shoe bags, and an extra set of laces.   Thanks!
Picked this Brelio up a while back. Not sure what kind of shell it is, but my guess would be Shinki. A little big for my tastes, so I use my Ashland Tony the Ant exclusively.      
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