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Sold.   These are irregulars. I purchased these from a member on the forum who gave them a small mark-up in price to offset his fees and shipping costs. I am doing the same in attempt to break even on the price I paid.   These were worn three times in and around a cruise ship. The eyelets are slightly misaligned on one shoe, and there are a few small scratches (that you could likely brush and buff out), but these are otherwise beautiful shoes in a wonderful shade of...
No longer available.   These are seconds. The broguing is stretched along the sides of both shoes. These have been worn twice outside. On the 222 last, these fit narrow for many people.   Price includes shipping. In Canada, PM me for a quote.   http://imgur.com/a/7yLcu
These are all seconds and come with the imperfections you would expect. I've noted any other issues below. All prices include US ground shipping.   Chili Calf - $225 $199   Worn around the house on a tile floor but never outside. You can see that one of the tongues came very wrinkled.   http://imgur.com/a/DiZkK   Dark Chocolate Calf - $225 $199   Worn around the house on a tile floor but never outside. Eyelets on one of the boots are slightly...
Sold.   Valet made by Woodlore for The Hanger Project. I now use a larger box for my shoe shine kit, so I have no use for this any longer.   $30 + cost of shipping. PM me with your zip code for a quote (around $12 for the East coast, more for the West).
Sold.   Excellent condition. Both have been washed once but not worn. The burnt orange polo has a faint "ridge" in the fabric as seen in the photos.   I wear medium in most brands, and these fit me pretty well. They also might work for you if you are on the slim side of large.   For more info: http://www.kentwang.com/polos/polo-burnt-orange.html http://www.kentwang.com/polos/polo-maroon.html (the photo here is a bit more representative of the color than my photos...
 Those are stunning. Congrats.
 Great, thank you.
Got four pairs of Walts from the recent sale, and they are fantastic. Three of the four are cotton (Grey sanded UK canvas, Navy Duck, and Chocolate Duck). The product page for the grey UK canvas says that they are fully machine washable, and the pages for the Duck canvas mention that the fabric will soften after a few washes. The trousers themselves, however, have dry clean only labels.   I'm not worried about the fabric itself, but I'm afraid the curtained waistband...
 I didn't get charged sales tax. I think the size 8 might refer to something else as the Mismo bag I ordered also had size 8 listed underneath it.
 Both my pairs of Indys had this issue. Ended up ordering these and using the cylindrical one, but pretty much any similar set will do.
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