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I just had several items tailored at Pierre of Paris and wanted to share my experience.   Pierre is a charming man. He takes great care of you and makes sure that the garments you take to him turn out exactly how you want them. For this great service, he does charge quite a bit. While I'm happy with all of his work, his alterations in some instances cost almost as much as the original garment (Brooks Brothers & Benjamin trousers + Burberry blazer). I will note that I...
That's very helpful, thank you for the reply. Eagerly awaiting the restocking of your suits! There's a 38R Lucente Med Grey or Charcoal in my future.
Do you have measurements for any of the suits? Thanks in advance! They look great!
Hi Everyone! I sniffed around on SF but couldn't find much information about the quality of alterations at Neiman Marcus. I purchased a second hand Neiman Marcus Burberry Blazer that fits great in the shoulders but has a waist that is about 3 inches too big. I called Neiman Marcus, and they said they'd be happy to do the alterations for me since the jacket was originally purchased at Neiman Marcus.   My question is whether that type of alteration (taking in the...
Hey SFers, has anyone bought Benjamin trousers and gotten them altered to let some room out in the waist & seat? Perhaps optimistically eyeing some 30 waist pants and want to know how much room for growth I have. Greatly appreciate any information. Cheers! 
Oops...meant to send as a private message. Have edited content to reflect. 
Hi SFers, I'm Matt and am joining in order to bolster my knowledge about where to buy suits and dress shirts and what to look for in construction quality. I'm in the process of transitioning my wardrobe from grad-school casual to NYC business casual, and I've found the opinions of members on the forum to be tremendously valuable as I begin the journey. Looking forward to a long tenure on SF!
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