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AS Milton, after a little polishing last week..  
Hi, could anyone help take a shoot who's the maker of this:   thanks 
can Vass do 1,5 sole? something like St.C sole thickness
how about riva last sizing compared to chisel / classic last?
i thought bestetti price not including VAT, so if Novecento is 1500 euro then for non-EU customer the price is 1170 euro??
whoaa so many obstacles... any take on their leather quality or construction??
^  where did you order them? didn't they have store in ginza area? any info on pricing, lead time and other details?
 great make up!!btw what do you mean the toe box is shallower in K last?does U last have more elongated nose? i thought it was vice versa
 that one is K last and yes because of my first attempt at Vass i've got my sizes wrong, i went half size up  i used Boot Black neutral polish, quite soft and waxy polish, not that kiwi dry kindyeah i think vass have batch variation in their oil green leather, mine was very soft and more olive in colouri've read way back that earlier and latest antique cognac and red cognac batch also have different tone
@arahat    yes, vass call that oiled green calf, but it's olive in colour that's the River model
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