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AS Milton, after a little polishing last week..  
Hi Brian, if you could give measurement for Medium & Large size that would be great.Thanks
Hi Brian,   I've sent you email couple times inquiring about Inis Meaian Pub Ribbed Jacket Purple Melange size Medium / Large Do you still have stock left on that one?
i've been eyeing on size 42 too, do you know how many they still have in stock? yeah you should say check this wood hanger, way better than that plastic cheapo thingies  thanks
@reidrothchild that looks great on you, what size are they? they included hanger with purchase? 
Hi, could anyone help take a shoot who's the maker of this:   http://www.ebay.com/itm/380918248422   thanks 
Hi Brian,   Could you help with the measurement for Eidos Tenero Donegal DB size 40 & 42? Thanks
can Vass do 1,5 sole? something like St.C sole thickness
how about riva last sizing compared to chisel / classic last?
i thought bestetti price not including VAT, so if Novecento is 1500 euro then for non-EU customer the price is 1170 euro??
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