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 Nope. Paid $830 + 200$ Taxes for shipping to Germany.You dont have waiting time and the TOJ production is limited.
TOJ diesel blue calf suede BCDR comes with original cotton TOJ Bag.   The Jacket is from October 2013, worn just 2-3 times.   I usually wear medium.   shoulders: 17.5" chest (pit-to-pit): 20.8" midsection: 19.0" body length, front: 21.9" body length, back: 24.0" sleeve length, from shoulder: 24.3" sleeve width @ pit: 7.3" sleeve width @ elbow: 6.3" sleeve width @ cuff: 5.0"
 I used the wrong term. I mean its from the original designer who also made michaels jacket. Its exactly the same and no cheap imitation. Now u understand?
thank you man!
u mean the red one? it's an original j.park replica of michael jacksons beat it jacket 
cant get enough of my baby! :D happy waiting for those who havent recieved their jackets yet  
Got my baby at the end of september, had no time for good pics. Better pictures will follow soon.
I hope so! Here in germany they often want to see the original bill thats how they create the amount of duty.
my jacket is stuck in customs -.- lets see how high the duty will be
today's like christmas! got my tracking finally (and GTA V) :D
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