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 haha very funny Must agree - not sure who buys that stuff, and some of the stuff ralph lauren sells. Whichever David Jones buyer thought leopard print loafers with white wedge sole (armani) for $445 was a good idea falls into the same bucket I think.  Some retailers discount as part of their planned promotional strategy, their business model runs like that, but I'd have to say that the whole suit and shorts thing (for instance) wasn't well thought out. Having said that...
 Mate seeing your MTOs was actually one of the reasons I eventually got on the wagon!  If RMW can get the last variation right I'll be order a 'set' from them... say, black, chestnut, and suede kingsvales (already have craftsman)
 I wanted Chestnut Kingsvale but with a dynamic flex sole (removable insoles) and some variations to the last (wider and more volumous toe box, on one foot). They were happy to oblige at no extra cost (MTO is $440 for yearling)  If anyone is interested, here are the options Yearling is available in :Black, Dark Tan, Tan, Chestnut, Rum, Sandstone, Whiskey KangarooBlack, Chocolate, Dark Tan Chestnut Calf Black, Dark Tan, Tan, Chestnut SuedeBlack, Bone, Brown, Dusty...
   If you like them, its money well spent. I'm just finalising a pair of kingsvale boots, customised for some specific requirements... I'll be booted and suited too
 haha this is very timely, I literally just did research on this and am going to buy this afternoon The 2 I'm tossing up are http://www.msy.com.au/nsw/ultimo/peripherals/5953-tp-link-td-w8968-adsl2-wireless-n300-modem-router-with-usb-port.html http://www.msy.com.au/nsw/ultimo/peripherals/5865-d-link-dsl-2750b-wireless-n300-adsl2-modem-router-usb-port.html  They're relatively cheap, both have N300 (wireless 300mbps) and can share a USB drive or printer amongst the...
 Mate if I can just make 2 suggestions for maximum performance its 1) lots of RAM and 2) solid state hard drive a grandhttp://www.logicalblueone.com.au/store/543-horize-w550eu-ultranote.html bit cheaperhttp://www1.ap.dell.com/content/topics/segtopic.aspx/products/quickship/au/en/latitude?c=au&l=en&s=dfo
   Mondaine can be found at sydney vintage watches or SVW in the strand arcade. Or, in St James Arcade which is next to ladies DJs there is a small store on the top floor (next to IndoChine eatery) which has mondaine I've not seen seagull retail unfortunately, and i'd be surprised if I did... seagull movements are chinese and while they put mechanical movements within the reach of many, quality can be an issue. Maybe just dont expect it to keep on ticking forever but the...
Sydney siders rejoice! Uniqlo pop up store from May 3 to Sep   I'm sure that not long after, other brands will also have pop up stores too - i particularly look forward to C&J having a pop up store, followed by G&G, and Alden, I'm very interested in Alden. Also TOJ pop up store... then after that, cityrail will be run well, greater density living will be approved in inner city suburbs, and parking along main roads will be eliminated.    finally sydney wins at something
 na mate i'm a bit comfort orientated so most days are chinos, loafers (love loafers), and shirt... and compendium... But, I have 3 suits in the office, 4 pairs of shoes, 3 ties, and even a white pocket square and a shaving set haha, so can clean myself up if I need.  Although once, a client said to members of our sales desk who all had ties on because we were hosting a meeting - only employees wear ties! haha
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