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Was that a style or did they not have good quality control back then ?
Thank you.  Is it a common thing for a tie's tip to be off-center?  One of the flat sides of the tip measures 2 15/16'' and the other side measures 2 7/16'', so there's half an inch difference between the two sides. 
Thanks, I know the story   I think this tie might be fake because the tip is lopsided, also this:  
      I'm pretty sure everything else about it is characteristic of authentic Hermes besides the odd stitching.
I bought a used tie off eBay and was wondering about the "thread loop" because mine looks different than other pictures I've seen.  The rest of the tie looks to be authentic.  Here are two pictures of what might be the loop: Fig. 1: Stitch of thread loop in question.  Goes through to the back of the tie.     Fig. 2:Thread loop in question.  Comes out of the space between the front and liner and returns there, tying down one of the sides of the...
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