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Those look great. Other than brushing, how do you maintain your Dublin leather shoes?
 This exact make up, but in the LWB Macneil, was to have been an MTO for me when they shut down the original MTO program.
Does Herring still ship rebranded Loakes to the US. I received their rebranded Kemptons pre-embargo and have been quite pleased.
96 yesterday so there was an intersection of Casual Friday and Southern Trad. Avert your eyes if you hate peach.
Don't forget, there is a new GMTO for the black stitchcap on the 804 (with slight modifications). Details in the Skoak thread a couple of days ago. I'll be sending Skoak email addresses of those buying on Monday. PM me if interested.
An SA told me to look for a web gem soon of a PTB with brass eyelets.
 My suspicion is that suede shoes of any sort are much MUCH less common in The Real World than one sees on this and similar boards. More to the point, where one does see suede in a Southern Trad context, although even this is relatively uncommon, is (i) on some spectators, and (ii) white and dirty bucks IF one ignores the distinction between nubuck and suede.  I'm not sure how generically you are using the term.  But other than that, you don't see much suede in any...
I wanted to let interested parties know that we now have four GMTO participants who have agreed on a set of specs for another run of the Bonafe black captoe on the 804 last.  However, this is for a slightly tweaked version of the Bonafe black stitch cap from this past January.    It would be the same shoe - plain black cap toe oxford (Model 3863), hidden, a/k/a "inverted" stitching, standard F width, single leather sole, black welt/edge - EXCEPT for the following...
Hey, you couldn't squeeze into a 8.5 Barrie, could you?  Natty CXL, storm welt, slightly lighter than typical welt/edge, and the eyelet piece stops shorter than the Macneil.   http://www.ebay.com/itm/Alden-for-Epaulet-97871-Natural-Chromexcel-Longwing-8-5-B-D-575-Brogue-Wingtip-/322138509573?hash=item4b00f39105:g:uSMAAOSwcL5XM2JD  
 Yes.  How can a men's dress shoe company not offer a burgundy/merlot wingtip?  Chili will be the closest they have in the Mac unless you get a Cambridge (which is so choice.  If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up). Anyway, it seems an odd call to me. 
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