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If I recall correctly, the Fifth Street is an Oxford boot. If it were a punch cap, like its cousin the Fifth Avenue, i.e. Without the toe medalian, I think I'd already own a pair for suits. I might get a pair anyway. It's rare, though, on days I need a boot for weather reasons that I'd also need a suit rather than an odd jacket and tie. On those occasions I've worn either some "polished cobbler" McAllisters I mistook for shell ((before I knew better) or some shell punch...
  "Shoot, a fella' could have a pretty good weekend in Vegas with all that stuff." 
Cal and Texas combine for 68 points in the first half and in the 3rd quarter score ... ... 0.
 When one says something like that, three images always come to mind:   
Well, that's the minimum. Select models have bigger discounts.By the way, RL X AE Sandersons today. A couple of years old.
Clark Streets? Natty CXL?They are surely in the Hall of Fame for "Shoes AE never should have dropped."Yes, the Diante takes a bit of getting used to but you'll forget about it even before it's broken in. At least I did.
Maybe not good for hard core running but for serious walking and some jogging the higher end (and made in USA) New Balance are somewhat wide in "medium" and also can be ordered in a "wide." They are durable as heck.As you likely know, the sizing has little in common with dress shoes.
Doc, what about some of those disposable crime scene booties like they seem to have in OR's and detective shows?
I think you'd have better luck making the light one darker.
If you already have their Indy line black wingtip, why would you need their standard line black wingtip, especially one with a bit of an odd sole for a black oxford? I'd pass. It's not that it isn't a bargain; it just doesn't seem like a great bargain for you.
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