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1. Office Christmas party. 2. Family Christmas party. 3. Trip to post office to mail Christmas packages and cards. I'm stumped on the other 362 days of the year.
Actually, the overall width will, in fact, increase when moving up a width. You ought to try the Strand in EE or EEE.Also, and this is a little out there, but you might consider a Strand Golf with a sole change. Same shoe but on the wider 73 last.
Living 300+ miles from a brick and mortar AE store I had been looking forward for months to trying on several of the newer 201 last offerings this weekend. Instead, today I learned the Plano store doesn't have a single 201 in 10.5E. Nothing in any of the Indy line models and nothing in anything else. Next I asked if the had anything in the 8 last. Anything. Dude brought out an Ashton (678) and a McGregor. I asked him wasn't the McGregor on the 5 last? He assured me it...
They are, indeed, very comfortable. The golden brown CXL is fantastic for a casual shoe or boot. I'd love to have it or Dublin in a LWB
 If it were me, I'd do both.  Keep them and wear them immediately and on the days you aren't wearing them, try Burzan's treatment.
Well, they are out of my best size in firsts but the folks at J-vile found me one in the system the CAC theoretically has.  I'd check there.    A smart or prudent shopper wouldn't get a Sauk in Dublin if you already had a Long Branch in CXL.  I guess I'm neither smart nor prudent.
 Thanks. That's an insane price for what amounts to a Long Branch in Horween Dublin with the old style full lug sole.  Shoe Bank is getting a few for $40 less. For anyone wanting a F/W boot, it is hard to imagine a better value.
Has a consensus emerged about the leather in the Sauk? The website just says "thick, durable." Any chance it is Dublin? The ones posted by @sruchris look like they might be.
Red,  I seem to recall your decision to get those was based on (i) your desire to have an option with your casual warm weather suits a little different from stereotypical choices, and (ii) something for odd trousers, whether with or without jacket and tie.However, I thought you had said you had no interest in wearing them with dark trousers because you had no interest in compliments based on either the personality of your shoes or your "interesting personality" in choosing...
^^^^^^Strong to quite strong.That seems like a great all round casual shoe. I love my CXL boots. I know you are loving those.
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