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Got mine from the Bank early last week. Worn them several times since. No seconds stamp anywhere and, more to the point, nothing to suggest they should be seconds. Great casual spring/summer shoe.
 May I offer a dissenting view?  I don't think there IS such a shoe and you should accept that and plan accordingly.  A dark charcoal suit and jeans are simply so far apart on the formality scale that any attempt to connect them is simply a bridge too far.  This is a Venn diagram where the circles don't overlap. A dark charcoal ("Is there any other kind, Lt. Caffey?") suit is a staple but conservative and any shoe lighter than the trousers will improperly draw attention to...
@Roycru  I know this is a shoe thread but I very much like your jacket.  Nice.
Yes, the "russet brown" of my Sauk Drives is pronounced "red."😄 In other news, I received a discontinued bourbon Manatee belt from the Shoebank for $39.97. Though someone had written an "S" with a marker on the inside, it is flawless. Crazy good deal. Get 'em while they last. Also got what was apparently the last Clark Street in 10.5E of any color in the system. Mine are in Natural. Again, great shapewith no seconds marking. If there is perhaps a ding or two, it's...
I won't question @oxfordsandties 's experience with the Detroit last but mine is different. I can tolerate an E width on the AE 65 but EE is better in an oxford.  E is just about right in the rare 65 blucher.  The Detroit is just about right for me in a blucher.  So, for me, I'd peg the Detroit in a blucher to be one width wider than a 65 last blucher.  Also - for me - one size shorter than my US size.  In other words, US 10.5E for the AE Black Hills (65 last) translates...
 That's my practice.  After some Bick 4, I'll polish prior to wearing them again. Having said that, I have a nagging suspicion that some of the brethren here may be conditioning as part of a routine and not because the leather needs it.
 For no reason in particular, I picked the 1968 catalog.  The Park Avenue was a four eyelet PTB.  The Fifth Ave was a punchcap oxford as now, but had SEVEN eyelets.
Someone on AE's website was commenting on the Carlyle and complained that edge of the collar around the shoe wasn't capped off like on the picture. IOW, the edge was unfinished. AE's response was essentially, "that's the way we do it know since folks like casual things." Anyone notice this on recently purchased Carlyles? It would be a deal breaker for me.
I would disagree with whomever wrote that. A wingtip Oxford (eg, the McAllister) in black, dark brown, or burg is actually a time honored staple, albeit not quite as formal as the stitch cap or punch caps you own. Though it is true the brouging on a wingtip is ONE informal element, the other common characteristics - dark color, closed lacing, flat felt, single sole, leather sole, smooth calf - are all formal characteristics. So I find nothing incongruent at all about a...
Truffle Tuesday ( ok, that's a bit of a reach).Truffle a/k/a Capacino McGraws.By the way, they'll waive the restock fee if you pay the return shipping yourself. However, that's usually more than $10 so, player's choice.
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