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If you are referring to what I think you are, the former is that little thread on the back keeping everything together. The latter, also on the back of the larger blade, is the rectangular piece through which you slide the back blade. If you like, for a small fee it can be monogrammed. I like to have them in contrasting colors to the tie background to set them off. I always pick either blue or dark red, depending on tie color, just because I like them and, coincidentally...
The Academy reminds of when Superman's parents, knowing they were doomed to die, had a baby. Here, the parents would be the Black Hills and the natty CXL Clark Street.  Unless this last sucks, the spirit of both should live on.
Black HopkinsonDark brown Jefferson
Does anyone have a link to the Nordstrom Anniversary sale models and prices? Will the chili Lasalle be included?
So you're saying my Clark Streets will get even MORE comfortable?!Add ditching the Clark Street to the list of Hall of Fame puzzlers from AE. About six weeks back I snagged the last natty CXL the Shoebank had in my size. No visible defect at all. None. Love the shoe.
Here are my Heritages for comparison.
Yes, sorry. Skipped that slightly important step.Tex, on my Heritage the bone colored leather is clearly visible through the brouging in the walnut part and with no black dots. It is almost as if almost none of the holes was punched clean and after the shoe was put together, they put a tool inside each hole to clean it out, resulting in a black mark.It is still a great looking shoe and I wouldn't worry about it. Glad they brought it back.
By the way, if I'm not mistaken this pic demonstrates that a derby (left) and blucher (right) are not the same thing. The distinction relates to which piece of leather the eyelets are attached.
 if the 65 last can work for you, consider the Fifth Street.  The only oxford boot AE makes, IIRC.  The Dalton is a good looking blucher boot fine for sport coat & tie.  Ditto the burg or navy versions of the GMTO Eagle Country if you've seen a pair  If the Dundee were a flat welt on maybe the 201, it might be passable for suits in a dark suede or calf.  As it is, it seems too casual for a suit. I have no opinion of the Chelseas mentioned.  Are you sure Texas is ready for...
You have two nice pair from which to pick. The Jeffersons are a cut above the main AE line. Given the options presented, I would say if you meant the "matching" navy trousers are part of a proper suit with the navy jacket, then I would opt for the black wingtips. On the other hand, if the jacket is truly a navy sport coat, a/k/a an "odd jacket," then I'd suggest some non-matching but complementary pants and go with the chestnut.
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