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Walnut seems to be a theme today.
Cambridge. Don't look back. You know you want to anyway.ūüėé
Not this thread. Each week there is a dedicated Friday Challenge thread. Fun to read.
Traditionally, most (not all) would say penny loafers with a suit would be a bit too casual, though shell loafers with a sport coat and tie is very much a traditional look.There's was an interesting Friday Challenge this week where one had to wear a full suit with loafers. You might check that out. There are some good examples of dressing down certain suits with loafers.Your Hinsdales look great. Nice snag!
 You know, with their great variety of offerings, the (current) omissions of a white/dirty buck, a grain LWB, a SWB (except for this new travelers/comfort thing), and a (cleatless) spectator are curious.  Shoe companies much smaller have entries in one or more of those slots.  AE has none, and the ones they once did have have been dropped. 
 Sure (if I've done it correctly) : http://www.carminashoemaker.com/mens-oxford-shoes/toe-cap-punched-80201
 I'm a fellow sufferer so I get it.  You have some familiarity with the 65 last so I'm sure you can dial in a PA or FA to your liking.  I'm about a "E and a half"  on the 5 last.  With an E I get a V-gap that doesn't pass muster on SF but they're comfortable. However, if either the look or the fit of a PA doesn't suit you, you might have better luck with another maker.  Carmina, e.g. offers both their Detroit and Rain lasts in a UK "EE" which is approximately a US "E" and...
I'm going to take another crack at this, though I don't expect to change anyone's mind.   IMO, this set is heavy on bluchers, heavy on brogueing, heavy on shell, and heavy on black.  IOW, good to go for fall/winter non-suit situations.  In fact, an embarrassment of riches.  Among the things it is "thin" on, as noted by others, are casual spring/summer shoes.  So, lighter materials, lighter colors, etc., should be among the things considered for adding. However, another...
Well, since you asked, but didn't say what work requires, I'd still note you have several black shoes but no black CBD captoe. (I don't count the McTavish). I'd also consider a wingtip Oxford in burg or dark brown. Ditto another suede shoe.
She was at work but my impression was she was swamped. She got my Heritage order finalized via email.
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