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 Thanks for typing this so I didn't have to ... except ... You have wonderfully stated my ideal.  In actual practice,  the intent is willing but the execution weak. My rationalization is I'm in jacket and tie M-F and tolerably "business casual" in church on Sundays.  The rest of the time, if  I'm not grunged out working in the yard or garage, about the most dressed up you'll find me out running my Saturday traps of post office, dry cleaners, and the old lady on the wrong...
 Before I would try any product, whether Reno or whatever, I would simply take a soft cloth, wet it, and apply a bit of elbow grease, then brush.  Shell is pretty slick and a wet cloth and brushing can get a lot of that off of there, I'm betting.  You could always try Reno on what was left.
I got my son a pair. I'm not sure he knows how awesome I am. 😄Somebody mentioned olive trousers. O''Connell says this is olive.
If a tux isn't an option, I think I would simply wear your dark navy suit "straight up," I.e. with normal suit accessories without trying to mimic a tux rig. I like the cufflinks, by the way, but you don't need a tux shirt and studs to wear them.
[[SPOILER]] I'm sorry but I can't envision Cleav as a villain.  He strikes me here as more the gallant Resistance fighter just returned from blowing up train tracks behind enemy lines the night before D-Day, all while maintaining the shine on his shoes.
Re: spats: to keep mud and other undesirable things in the street from fouling one's shoes or ankles.  Generally fell out of favor in the 1920's.  Maybe due to fewer horses and unpaved streets in the business districts.  In later years, mostly for a snazzy look.   Still a part of various military special occasion uniforms.
First loafer for the new(ish) year. McGraw in Truffle a/k/a Cappachino . By the way, I think the McGraw has the most generous fit in any given width of any AE loafer still floating around the SB.
Don't even hesitate. That is the mother of all no brainers.On the Maritime fit, I don't find the width any different than my blucher/derby size for 97, 108, 65, or 511 shoes. Maybe the Kirkwood is different.
Just last weekend dude at Port Washington SB said they'd never include shell in a SB sale again and the sale price I got on Bradley's last month was s mistake
^^^^^^ Good question. My response: 2015 Black Friday had the Sauk Drive. Wingtip blucher boot in "russet" (reddish brown) Dublin. 201 last. This could have been great. I've posted the pic of my son's GMTO Dublin Long Branches. Gorgeous leather. The Sauk Drive had the coveted "yellow tab" Vibram lug soles. But it had three mistakes preventing it from being a great offering. *. Most pairs posted here - even firsts - had loose grain/ wrinkled leather. Not just the...
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