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^^^^I don't believe that's correct, unless they dropped half sizes right after my Maritimes in 10.5 E arrived last month.  Perhaps you were only referring to the ones made in Port Washington. By the way, regarding loafers, part of the AE mission statement is to swiftly discontinue any loafer liked by folks with high insteps.
http://www.samhober.com/atkinsons-irish-poplin-ties/yellow-and-midnight-blue-on-chocolate-atkinsons-striped-irish-poplin-tie-21.html ^^^You might consider the "Yellow & Midnight Blue On Chocolate Atkinsons Striped Irish Poplin Tie #21."
 For whatever reason, I have an anti-Northern Lights bias where it comes to (American) football home jersey/pants combos.  As long as the pants are the traditional white or gray, no problem.  However, if a team tries to use a color for the pants with its home (colored) jersey, it usually looks odd, and bad, if the lighter color is on top.  E.g.  Michigan = blue over "maize" (yellow) = good SDST or Texas Tech = red over black = bad Oregon's green over yellow = goodTheir...
I don't hesitate to pair my solid navy linen BB blazer with light linen trousers. Maybe I should but I don't. Ditto a RAF wool/linen blend jacket. I've also contemplated seersucker but never followed through,
I think management/customer service is some Dallas suburb like Carrolton, etc but the tanneries and factories they use have always been in Mexico.I have had 3-4 pieces from SB, including the original case in XL (Chestnut) and am totally sold on the build quality. Still, it isn't everyone's cup of tequila. They are built like a tank but about as heavy. Just like my Macneils.
In the tradition of Indy shoes being named for the Founders, Francis Hopkinson was one of the Signers, eventually a federal judge, and prior to that what would now be called the Secretary of the Navy. He also was almost certainly the designer of the first Stars and Stripes.
Dude, I think you've answered your own question.😎
With color being the same, there is little difference in versitility between a full brougue (wingtip) Oxford and a semi-brogue Oxford . It's a wash so get what you like better, though I think the Indy line is superior.That said, I think if one wears coat and tie every day any walnut brouged oxford isn't particularly versitile. I love my walnut Strands but now they're mostly spring/summer with casual suits and odd jackets. On the other hand, my dark brown Jeffersons...
Thanks for the report.  I'd say you've stumbled onto quite a find.  Semi-rare and apparently at a great price.   IIRC, if you want some interesting takes on wearing spectators outside of the typical "Easter to Labor Day with linen or seersucker" parameters, check out the pics from @DonCologne in the HOF thread.
It likely wouldn't work well for soccer style place kickers but would be perfect for an old school straight ahead kicker.
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