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Yes, Detroit is pretty wide. I have a high instep and wear US 10.E and EE in the AE #5 last in oxfords and E in pretty much every other AE last. Betty suggested a UK 9.5 in the Detroit LWB I just received and it seems about right. About an "E and a half." ūüėĄYou can see a top view below. Pardon the flannel lined jeans but I was wearing jeans and boots for the snow when the package arrived and I couldn't wait to try them on.While far from "sleek," for (cognac) shell @&$#%...
My default conditioner - for both shell and smooth calf - has become Bick 4.   What about the Dublin leather?  Any thoughts?  What is "officially" recommended?
 Regarding the color variation, it reminds me of my Black Hills 2nds (received yesterday) in that, from more than a foot away, the color variations and small "scratch & dents" look like they are supposed to be there (BTW, the Black Hills were the best $128 one could have spent on the last sale). Regarding width, I would have ordered a "C" for my son but was told it wasn't available.  It certainly isn't offered on stock model LB's.  It's a great looking leather.
  I thought SMU's had an "8" followed by a regular four digit model number, but defaulting to a stock, black version, regardless of the color actually used.  I guess that isn't simple enough? Still, it seems like this could easily be fixed.  Every AE SMU in the history of the universe started it life on some "normal" AE last as if a normal model were being made. For those taking an order, just change the third digit of a model (the color indicator) to an "X" or "Z" or...
I have nothing to add except to say the LB in CXL is proving to be every bit the workhorse I thought it would be and more comfortable than I had imagined. I find myself hoping for bad weather so I have an excuse to wear them to work.
Allison has been out this week and should be back tomorrow. She told me Friday mine was going to ship and I'd get tracking info later that evening. I didn't but found out yesterday not only had they shipped but would be delivered today. Beware that FedEx routes through Memphis which has been hit by some ice and snow this week. That added an extra day to mine ... er... my son's.
Another pair of Dublin LB's just landed. A little lighter than I thought but I'm sure my son will love them. I'd kill for a MacNeil in this leather.
Respectfully, I think the major advantage of having the 3rd, 4th, 5th , etc pair is extending the life of one's shoes. Two pair = 125 wears per year. 5 pair = 50 wears.Right of school I had to make do for quite a while with a pair of black wingtips and burg loafers. I made do but the wear and tear piled up quickly.
 I think that, given the distinctive "cross-hatch" pattern on that model, few people other than yourself will ever notice the tiger stripping.  The latter is likely to subside over time as you polish on the laces side of the cap toe.  Therefore, I wouldn't worry about it.
Ok, given the two you already have are both dark oxfords, you have the "occasional suit" covered. Given your stated preference for oxblood/burgundy, etc., I'd suggest:3. Shell MacNeil - burgundy, or3A. Dalton in Merlot calf or burg shell4. Burg she'll loafer5. Walnut Carlisle or PTB
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