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I'm sorry the comments haven't been more helpful to you. I think the phrase "too black" might have caused a little confusion. I can't tell from the pic whether it is black or a very dark midnight blue. If you have decided you don't want to make the purchase if it is black, I'd suggest carrying in something you are sure is black and compare. If the question were "I've found a dark midnight blue suit. Is it too dark for business?" You might get more helpful responses. I...
The fact that navy pairs well with burlap table runners is a bonus.
The sun is setting on seersucker/spectators this season. Maybe once more after today. Heritage MTO
I'm an E with a high instep and my own Truffle McGraws are quite tolerant of both width and instep.You would be insane not to make a run at them. ūüėÉ The color is great and, as you likely know, no longer available from AE. Similar to Carmina's "Cognac" shell.
 Your list of "haves" (I infer those are shoes you already own) already includes two likely candidates: a suede chukka and the Clark Street, though the latter is perhaps too light to be as versatile as what you are looking for. You know, looking at what I have bolded above, I think you have just described a loafer.  Perhaps your foot condition doesn't make that doable or maybe you hate them but a dressy loafer (some regard that a oxymoron) would seem to fill the bill,...
 Well, like everything in photography, there are tradeoffs.  Shooting with a small "f" number, i.e. a wider aperture, it is easier to stop action or work in lower light since you are taking in so much light but depth of field diminishes so focusing becomes more critical.  That's not all bad, though, since having everything other than the subject slightly out of focus is a nice effect. But, hey, just because shooting "wide open" maximizes light, it doesn't mean you have to...
The old cognac was/is perfect for AE walnut. I've been alternating my last tube with Saphir's lightest brown/tan. But when this tube is gone, it's gone. I have no idea why AE ever dropped it.ūüė©
 Meaning ... one could land an F-18 on those lapels?  *           *            * Thanks to everyone for your thoughts on the black gren with odd jacket questions.  Much appreciated.
I'd bet that kit zoom has a max aperture of 3.5/5.6. In full zoom the widest appetite possible would be f5.6. In lower light conditions to get a proper exposure the shutter speed might have gotten slow enough to introduce a bit of blurring. Not much but it wouldn't have seemed as sharp. By using a fixed focal length lens with a maximum appetite of 1.8, you're getting a stop and a half "faster" lens. At any given exposure you are able to shoot at a faster shutter speed. ...
Here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/309241/non-rule-rules
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