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Other than something with a navy background, what's everyone's favorite Hober for brownish odd jackets for F/W?
 My first pair of "nice" shoes - purchased for a whopping $108 (in 1985) - was a pair of AE McAlisters, i.e. black wingtips. Due to not knowing any better, they never saw a pair of shoe trees and only got polished upon (very) infrequent visits to the cobbler, who may or may not have also applied a little conditioner. After 15 years of heavy service, I found out about AE's "reconditioning" program and mailed them in to "fix" the quarter sized hole in the outer sole, inner...
It occurs to me I could have been more helpful . So I'll add this: By taking a conservative and formal business suit and simply removing the tie, you aren't making it less formal, you are making it merely incomplete. There are different levels of office formality and therefore different levels of "business casual." I'd say most would agree the next step down from suit and tie would be sport coat (aka "odd jacket") and tie with tailored dress pants and appropriate...
Do a search on this forum for "The Worst Look," a thread started by Manton. Read it and mull that over. 😀
I need some imagination here. I'm interested in having a golden brown CXL in a non-boot. Sort of a semi-all purpose casual shoe, almost like a winter time boatshoe as far as utility. All ideas for design details are welcome. The only limitation is the leather: it has to be the GB CXL.
Just wipe them clean and brush 'em. They are infused with so much stuff at Horween it will be awhile for they need conditioning.And embrace the red laces.😎
Well, some think it's just fine, especially on Fridays, or don't care. AE McGraws in the (hopefully temporary) extinct Truffle shell.
I don't have that shoe but I find my old burgundy shell (Hanover) PTB's to be very versitile. I would respectfully disagree with those thinking a PTB can't be dressed up at least to the sport coat and tie level.think you've made a solid choice, particularly with the dark brown you've selected.
 Well, I think you'll find a brown loafer to be very useful in your environment.  As for that particular brown loafer, even if you had gotten them for full price, I'd strongly suspect them to not be GY welted.  And I'll add that I've never seen a GY welted shoe with so few sole stitches per inch as that.  And note that while they brag on having leather uppers and soles and also brag the uppers are handstitched on the last, they never mention them being GY welted.  Usually...
I have the Jefferson (Indy) and a Strand in the identical size and notice no appreciable difference. If anything, the Jefferson is LESS tight than the Strand. This might be because the Induy lining really has little affect on size OR it does constrict size a little but that is offset by the greater "give" in Indy leather compared to the standard calf.
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