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Like you, I LOVE my Cognac 532's. Georgous, comfortable, excellent finish. But, I don't think I have heard a double Dainte, storm welted gunboat on the Detroit last described as sleek and elegant.This is exciting: I actually have a pair of sleek shoes and didn't know it.
 Two things: Nordstrom's had the Strand in walnut at its Anniversary Sale in 2013 for sure (I bought mine then) and for $219 or $229.  I think (but aren't positive) they featured walnut again in 2014, though at about $20 more.  Perhaps higher still this July but still lower than (I bet) $288.  There's no guarantee they'll feature walnut this summer but I bet they do.  But, why take the chance if you really really want walnut.  It wouldn't be worth it to me to wait four...
Walnut pebble grain Macneils, now discontinued.
My thoughts are that if 100 people eat at a restaurant, or have shoes recrafted, or whatever, and 98 are pleased and 2 are mad, guess which two are likely to go online and beef?  Point being, I heavily discount such on line, usually anonymous reviews.   My personal experience with Nick is limited to only one pair.  He personally walked me through some options, his people did a great job on the work, and they were returned in great shape and ahead of schedule.  I couldn't...
Apparently they were/are made exclusively for Nordstrom Rack and seem to still be available on the Rack's web site for $180. However, they appear to only be available in D width, which is good because I need an E and need another LWB like a hole in the head. http://www.nordstromrack.com/shop/product/1152481/allen-edmonds-schautal-longwing-derby.
 In your original post on the subject you mentioned you were "in need of a pair of black shoes."  In the above post you spoke of maximizing "value."  Let me throw out a couple of thoughts that aren't intended to be as random as they may appear, with the understanding you have not mentioned how often you "dress up" and what other shoes you have. * While I think the Hancock and Boardroom are both on the 7 last, the Williams is on the 222 last, which many folks here have...
I can appreciate the sentiment but why reduce the likelihood of selling something at X before you mark it down to X(70%)? In any event, there appears to be a 10.5E Independence Line "Williams" (LWB) in black for $177.  222 last if anyone is interested. So, it appears than maybe some may still be found.  Getting rarer though.
Your didn't ask me but I'd suggest sticking to cream polishes and enjoy the process as it slowly slowly darkens them over time as the shoes get "worn in." When I hear of folks talking stripping, dyeing, bleaching shoes in the sun, and:or rubbing them with dragon fat, I always wonder about the unintended long term consequences. Just my two cents.
Agree completely. I have the now discontinued Saddleback checkbook wallet (I could sell it on eBay for double what I paid for it). I use for both jackets and in my hip pocket on the weekends. It has developed a great patina and looks better now than when new two years ago.
The Alden dates to about 2008. The Magraw from Jeffersonvilke about a year ago (for $299 and the only "defect" I can find is I think someone gave them a test drive on carpet then returned them. Otherwise flawless). The gunboats are about a month old. The Carmina web site (or maybe Betty) says these are a UK EE, which translTes to my desired US E width. A tad loser than my Macneil in an E (my perfect fit) but just barely so.
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