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Glad I got mine while there was still one to get: Natty CXL Clark Streets
And I would add loafers and taller-than-chukkas-lace-up-boots to PC's list as well. I'd think about holding up a purchase for one of those to get the shell version instead of calf.
Two ideas:1. Go all 20th century and pick up the phone and call them.2. In comparable condition, Hopkinson at 40% off > Carlisle at any price.
Tell it, brotha, tell it. They are intentionally negating one of their advantages over other brands, both cheaper, domestic ones, and more expensive foreign ones.
The relatively new policy of having brick and mortar stores with little to no non-D inventory to try on, coupled with reluctance or flat out refusal to order in something for you to try on, is about the dumbest thing AE has done. This seems especially true of their Indy shoes. If I have to guess what size works, wait until it is built, then have it drop shipped to me, I'm not going to pay $495 for the Indy. I'll pay $55 more and get a hand welted version from Bonafe via...
Look for 14.92% off beginning near Columbus Day (get it?) and be pleasantly surprised with a few models having larger discounts.
 I doubt it predates the internet.  As you mentioned, it is simply folks trying to sound fancy. Also, I believe what AC meant was using "oxford" to describe any shoe dressier than Chuck Taylors having laces.  In other words, blurring the "open lacing/closed lacing" distinction.  I have even noticed that on Alden & AE's websites, i.e. referring to a derby or blucher as an oxford.  Folks you'd think would know better. 
Well, other than custom ordered ball gloves, shoes are the only somewhat expensive "toy" purchase she has to tolerate. No bass boat or duck club dues or mid-life crisis Porsche. Besides, the Carmina Detroit last doesn't work for her.Speaking of lighter shell, today seemed a good time for AE truffle/capachino.
My first pair of "nice" shoes post graduation were some black McAllisters and I've never looked back.  In fact, my perf-to-nonperf ration is way too high.  Even to the point my wife thinks there are duplications. Q: "Aren't those two pair of brown shoes exactly the same?" A; "No, dear.  That pair is a dark brown calfskin LWB.  The other is a cognac shell LWB.  They couldn't be more different."
@Ol 55. I agree with Archibald's advice but let me toss out one alternative to consider regarding footwear. Allen Edmonds has recently discontinued its "merlot" color for most models including its plain captoe oxford, the Park Avenue. It's outlet store, the Shoe Bank, has a 13 E for $167.While my own preference is a black captoe Oxford unless the wedding is obviously casual, the groom and his groomsmen aren't wearing black shoes either so you wouldn't be too out of step...
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