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After 12 hours at the office and 2+ hours watching this great Cards-Bucs game, these babies still feel great. Carmina LWB's in Cognac.
A slightly different take on all this occurred to me.  The dead stock Heritage has certain padding that, IIRC, was to be deleted from the proposed shoe.  Plus, the stock Heritage lacks some of the Independence line features which were to be added to the proposed shoe.   If the reported decision from Allison (who we all know doesn't set policy) had been slightly different, as follows, what would the community response have been:   "We are still operating under the...
That's a steal at twice that price, even more so if it does NOT have side entry pockets. W&G made some great stuff.You can get A-2 wool ribbing pretty cheaply on eBay.
These? 😍
Stretching to add width might even make the "problem" worse since the leather would then have to cover a broader area, ie travel farther.If they fit great, either forget about it or try another last (or brand). If your current ones are a bit snug, try an E or EE. However, fit trumps all. I wouldn't keep adding width just for aesthetic reasons.
^^^^^ No difference for me, ie no more difference than comparing a pair built on a Wednesday with one built on a Friday.
I'd suggest the Addison.For the full suit, I've always thought the top 3 for seersucker are be:1. A spectator1a. White bucks3. Light brown/tan loaferIn a pinch, a walnut Strand or equivalent would be fine.With seersucker pants as seperates, I'd say there is even more flexibility. Both of your choices (with their more casual texture) would be perfectly fine. I think they'd be ok for a suit, too, if perhaps not optimal. Your woven choice would be excellent. Perhaps next...
You know, if I were in your spot, i.e. willing to pay for a PA but not enamored of the look, rather than trying to find an AE substitute, I would seriously consider a Carmina black bal.  They have a few choices. I'm a huge fan of AE's cost v. benefit sweet spot but the strength of the dollar against the Euro brings into range other options.  Just a thought.
While similar, the descending skinny dark strip on the Gatstby doesn't reach the welt until it's almost back to the heel counter. On the Heritage, it's much more forward. Both look great.As far as when you'd ever wear it, I'd suggest linen and seersucker suits or seperates are naturals for a spectator, especially brown & white, walnut & bone, etc. Any sort of spring/summer situation where the above mentioned casual suits or pants would work.
I suspect I've already mentioned this but just in case I haven't, Alison says for $40 they'll honor the $199 sale price and make a stock Heritage without the cleats if the order is placed before the sale ends.
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