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When you walk through the ordering process you will eventually get to a blank box for questions, instructions, or anything you want. You can use that space to confirm a tiecan be made up in 7 fold (or whatever).In my experience, in addition to an auto-generated confirmation email, I usually get a "real" email from David about my order or clarifying any ambiguity. He is extremely helpful.Hope this helps.
Not that anyone would doubt you but I'll attest to this.  I also have the Oxxford 1220 solid navy sportcoat and it indeed has the "SC" designation on the label.  It was made and sold as a sport coat.  However, it has none of the "dead giveaways" signaling it to be a SC and not an orphan.  I finally located and added some pewter colored eagle metal buttons to make myself feel a little better.  I doubt 99% of the folks I bump into would notice or care.
Nordstrum has included the walnut Strand at least the last two years in their Anniversary Sale in July-August. I got mine for $219 in 2012, which was about 1/3 off at the time.If you might tolerate seconds, check the Shoebank. Otherwise, short term you might check larger deptment stores for their on Black Friday sales.
I'm fine with a "soft glow" on my shell. Probably my glossiest pair is some (made in USA) Hanovers from the 80's. I have no idea what they put on them. Maybe that's what 30 years of brushing will get you. All I treat them with is some Bick 4 now and then but I honestly have no idea if anything is penetrating the surface. Well, I guess I gave them a little AE cordo cream about a year ago
Lighter. At least my cappuccino (or Truffle) McGraws are lighter than my brown Jeffersons. The difference isn't very apparent until you step outside. It's really a great color. Too bad AE dropped it.
 I think in the Independence Collection, the nail is brass and arrayed in a nifty pattern.  But there's an upcharge for that.
 Well, it's actually only $350 per shoe. In other news, happy for you shell Strand folks.  Seven weeks in today for the merlot EC's and still nothing.
Ok, I literally laughed out loud.
 Yes, Horween supplies both brands.  In fact, Skip Horween is on a trunk show tour with the AE CEO this week hawking shell in certain unusual colors. I have six pair of shell: two are Alden and two are AE.  In my experience, I have found no evidence that Alden's shell is "unequivocally superior."  Those four are four different colors in four different styles and I enjoy all of them.  As far as I can tell, overall build quality, comfort, and longevity of wear are all very...
There's a penny loafer joke in there somewhere.   Just make it easy on yourself and your SA and let your bank dump them into their coin sorter.  Takes seconds.
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