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 OK, you say you need to cull three. * Ditch the "weird kiltie monkstrap" because they are weird kiltie monkstraps* Ditch the walnut AS.  It strikes me as a mostly suits shoe, which you already have covered, but in a relatively informal color.  Thus, not quite as versatile.* Regarding the final choice, keep the brown bluchers because you don't need four maroon/burgundy/#8 shoes in a five shoe rotation and you have no other brown.  So you have to ditch one of the four dark...
 Those look ... Macktastic. By the way, if the opportunity ever presents itself, I think a good GMTO would be a Macneil in natty shell with perhaps a slightly darker welt/edge given that the upper should darken slightly over time.
I see no need to apply conditioner three times straight out of the box for brand new shoes. If they don't look like they need conditioner, there's a great chance they don't. When mine do, I use Bick 4 and let it set in a good while.After wearing shoes for a while and reading the posts on SF in shoe related threads, I've concluded most folks don't brush enough and apply product too often.
I'd suggest you call AE and give them not only the 4 digit model number but all the inside numbers. Not only can they confirm the leather but also date of production. If the model is 2884, then I think they are #8 shell and they are on the generous #4 last. I think they dropped it in about 2000. AE later revived the Hinsdale name as a 4 eyelet short wing blucher (also sold by Jos A Banks). The McGraw, also on the #4, looks a LOT like your Hinsdale. (I have it in...
My increasing impression is that AE's final inspection process exists in name only, even among the MTO's. Even Dale a/k/a Watchidiot a/k/a The Most Esteemed Grand Poopaw of the GMTO Program received recently an MTO with a nail sticking out of the sole what looked to be s good half inch. And while none of the recent trunk show screw ups have been as bad, the fact they exist at all on what should have been, without exception, show piece shoes (and many are) causes me to...
1. What's is your most stylish footwear solution for significantly rainy/slushy/snowy conditions to be worn with flannels and a sport coat? 2. What's is your most stylish footwear solution for significantly rainy/slushy/snowy conditions to be worn with a "city" suit?   For Question 1 (flannel & sports coat), my AE "Long Branch" wing tip boot in chromexal with a Vibram lug sole.  In the context of the streets being that bad and with no need to wear a suit, it would be...
  Well, then it's unanimous. Much obliged.  Something else I can cross off of my "I've been meaning to pick up" list.   
1. Can the array of houndstooth checked ever be done to where it qualifies as a shephard's check? Or are the two always mutually exclusive? 2. Regardless, would the tie below pass muster as a "wedding tie" as the term is used on SF? If it isn't apparent, the colors are black and white. Thanks.
Maybe it's because I viewing through my phone but I can't make out the problem. Is the right side of toe (when viewing the picture) depressed a little?
Andy, those are gorgeous. That is the exact color and model I would have selected.. And the perfs ... I see nothing to sweat. But, if you disagree, and they're a 10.5 E, I can provide a shipping address.
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