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There are a lot of nice looking navy low cuts in this thread, presumably A-OK for spring/summer. Is there a place for navy suede chukkas for S/S use? Or are they neither fish nor fowl?
What would be the best color(s) for a surcingle belt to pair with blue & white seersucker when wearing white bucks?   I've avoided the dilemma when wearing the full suit by using suspenders or replacing the bucks with tan calfskin but I have a couple other pair of SS trousers I would wear separately, i.e. without tie & jacket, with the bucks if I had a proper belt.   Many thanks.
But I'll add, I can't say enough nice things about Krystle. I don't want to get her into trouble but a matter was resolved very generously and involved the words "truffle" and "shell."
Well, I would have been shocked a few months ago if you'd have told me they were going to drop a tan pebbled grain longwing but they have.
I love my Mac's/Jeffersons/Cambrides for suits. I have them in dark brown and burg shell. At least on this side of the Atlantic, dark colored wingtips have been a business suit staple for decades.
1. Let your fiancé decide the square issue. 2. The suspenders need not match anything since the fiction is no one at the wedding is going to see ithem. Still, I'd opt for white. 3. I'd opt for stich caps. Get the punch caps in brown for double duty with suits and odd jackets. 4. Let your fiancé decide the squaue issue.
Why is that?
 I assume traveling to a store to try one on isn't a practical option.  If that's the case, I would check the ebay listings and find a similar BB shirt.  Most folks there selling clothes are good about providing actual measurements along with stated sizing.  You can then place your order with a better idea of fit.  And it's all free. :)
 ^^^^This.  Every time I look at my pebble grain walnut Macneil's I think "I wish you had a walnut shell twin." I'd consider a boot but think I'd get, over a year's time, a lot more use out of a longwing blucher.
I alternate using old AE cognac and Saphir #4 (llght brown) polish and wax on my walnut calf,
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