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And just to be clear, when you refer to an invoice, you are speaking of the initial "dummy" invoice that includes all the size and make up details and not the real invoice that accompanies notification of shipment and your card getting charged, right?
@Goosey - as noted by others, welt is normal, wrinkles in the CXL normal. Embrace it, love it. Bang 'em up a little. Rock the red laces and have a Merry Christmas!
Hopefully, no one will get a trunk show SMU before Mimo gets his EC from late September. Otherwise, we may be reading of him climbing a water tower with a deer rifle and a backpack full of Snickers.
As the self appointed Honorable Dictator for Life of the Long Branch Fan Club, I hereby declare this a solution in such of a problem. 😃. With the speed hooks, I can get in and out of mine faster than any other laceups shoes.. But I applaud you for really exploring the space.
Given your description, he is a tailor made future Saddleback owner. Given your budget, it would be the perfect choice. Again, given what you described about not wanting to give the wrong impression with some snotty, prissy looking bag, and him needing something that he can beat the heck out of without degrading the look, this is a no brainer. One caveat, they are heavy, especially in the larger sizes. Full disclosure: I own one, chestnut in XL. It's a beast but a good...
In my view, no and no. As to the former, my theory is that the aversion (of some) to wearing shell with suits is somehow tied to the association of shell with types of footwear some don't care to wear with suits, eg, boots, bluchers, lots of brogueing, double soles, etc. the link gets established in some folks' minds and, all of a sudden, there's a "rule" in their mind of "no shell with suits." But, such a policy would bar me of wearing my black shell punch cap oxfords...
 A "humble Wilbert" in the golden brown CXL is among the things I'm watching for on the Shoe Bank.  I love the color on my LB's and I think that, while plain, it would be a great knocking around casual shoe in the fall and winter.  Sort of a cooler weather boat shoe. My most comfortable all day pair is probably the unlined snuff suede Neumoks.
For the curious, there are  ten merlot EC 2nd's that have popped up on the 'bay, assorted sizes.  Seem to be the specs from the GMTO's. http://www.ebay.com/itm/BRAND-NEW-Allen-Edmonds-Merlot-Eagle-County-VERY-RARE-MSRP-365-/291319527046?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&var=&hash=item43d3ff3686   Listed separately is another merlot pair but in mismatched sizes: one shoe is 10.5E but the other is 10.0E.  Gee, I think now I know why my 10.5E's took almost nine...
If you are planning on wearing two pair of PA's I will assume you are wearing suits a lot. If so, I'd say dark brown. But I'd also consider the brown punch cap, ie the Fifth Ave, for a tad more versitility.
I suspect the supposed drying properties of cedar wood trees is overstated. Cedar is particularly resistant to rot which is why it has long been popular for shingles. Just because it is a soft wood doesn't mean it sucks up water. In fact, eastern a/k/a Atlantic cedar is popular for boat planking, an odd choice foeR something that sucks water. Woodlore's popular inexpensive cedar shoe trees (sold under a lot of names) is (according to its owner, AE) from Arkansas and...
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