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Thanks to both you and @middlepP  Just so I make sure I'm tracking you correctly, you both agree the LB version of the 511 is a more generous last in length and width, but when adjusting for the Dundee, Kahuna would go a shorter length and middleP would go longer (and narrower).  Do I have that right? My LBs' in a 10.5E fit wonderfully but the Shoebank doesn't have that size in the version I want.  Curious and curiouser. 
The 511 fit discussion is interesting. Any reason to adjust sizing going from the Ling Branch to the Dundee?
The Sauk Drives were in Dublin, just not the best quality Dublin. Still love mine, though, for light camping or target shooting out in the country. Wipe them down, give them a good brushing, and they're good to go.
 Yes, an Indy style 201 Fifth Street or, better yet, an Indy Fifth Street with no toe medallion, just the punch cap.  A true bal dress boot. If the old MTO program were still around, that would be at the top of my list.
It isn't a weird question at all.  Legal hunting of certain elephants- generally with location, gender, and age restrictions - is legal in certain countries.  If I'm not mistaken, it is legal - again, in limited circumstances - in Zimbabwe, Tanzania, South Africa, Zambia, Mozambique and maybe others.  Older males beyond likely breeding years are (literally) generally fair game in countries that allow it at all. My guess is big game hunters aren't motivated about the...
It's been a long week. Time to kick back and watch some football.
Well, for most bals/oxfords that's my policy, too. But, AE piles so many casual elements on many of their bals, eg rough leather, brouging, split welts, that the objection becomes muted.A good example was the unlined suede Neumok with natural welt. Though a wingtip oxford, every other element leans to the casual end of the spectrum. Even I am tempted to wear them with jeans (though I don't). The Strandmok strikes me as similar. In other words, when considering all its...
Well, in my defense, I DID mention the Sanderson, which is a LWB and, RELATIVE TO AE standards, a somewhat sleeker gunboat (to the extent those aren't mutually exclusive).😎I think given the poster's requirements as stated, some sort of dark wingtip, Oxford or otherwise, is a good way to bridge the gap.
@middlepP"Is a brown Dundee too casual of a workhorse travel option when paired with trouser/coat combo or even suit minus the tie? If so, what other options should I look at?" Yes, I think the Dundee would be a little too casual for what you've described. Have you considered a dark wingtip? The RLxAE Sanderson, if you could find one, could work. How about a burg shell Grayson? BTW, I'll admit I don't get the "suit without a tie" thing. But if it is a normal business...
For what it's worth (as Buffalo Springfield might have put it) the Woodlore/AE/JAB shoe trees are Arkansas red cedar. Cedar in all grades is relatively inexpensive for pieces no larger than those used in shoe trees. Still, I guess it is possible the AE "second" trees have a less pungent aroma but that hasn't been my observation.One way to restore some punch to your older trees is to lightly sand them in areas that won't affect fit.
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