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What's the weather been like over in San Francisco? It's still dreadfully hot in Berkeley, but I had hoped to start off tweed season with this event...
Wonderful, thanks! In that case, I'll RSVP if there's room for two more.
Sorry to get in here so late in the game, but I just thought to ask - would not being of drinking age stop one from coming?
Would a pink shirt and a deep brown that goes well with the navy be alright? I could always stick to a white shirt.
Thank you all! I think I'll go with the navy suit and pick either a simple knit tie or no tie, depending on the attire of my date.
Hello! I'll be heading to a performance at the San Francisco Synmphony in a few weeks, and I was curious as to the appropriate level of formality. As a student, I have with me a navy suit, a tweed SC, some odd trousers ranging from light grey to brown, and shirts in all the usual colors. The suit jacket actually works really well on its own, to the point that it would seem like a normal navy blazer with horn buttons. I have a few pocket squares and ties in brown, grey,...
Wow, so glad to have found this thread! :)   I'm rather new to the styleforum scene, so I only have one tweed jacket from Sid Mashburn [lambswool tweed, I believe it was] and an odd vest from Oliver Brown in a dark green.   They might not be the best together, but what do you think of them as individual parts? Really curious, as I bought them well before I knew very much about menswear.   Apologies for the bad pictures.  
Excuse the blurred bathroom shot - I was presenting and didn't have much time to take a good picture. The pants look rather awful for some reason, bunched at the center, but alas it was a quick shot in an akward location. Lambswool tweed all around. Sid Mashburn, Ledbury, Epaulet, Oliver Brown, Allen Edmonds.    
Gods, this is that one item I always see posted and always wish I could justify buying... it's just /so/ gorgeous.
In the midst of one of those unfailingly irresponsible late nights on Malford of London, I happened upon a Paul Smith 'Abbey' suit with a size mismatch that perfectly suited me. Noticing the price, the country of construction, the blue wool that I had been searching for some time for, and the unusual sizing that I can rarely find, I took a chance and bought it. I'm not expecting top of the line here, but does anyone have any experience or opinions to offer while I await...
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