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Need a LC on this jacket, seems legit and comes recommended by a friend/collector. Vintage Gianni Versace,  (forgive me if I'm missing some obvious thing but I checked it against a tag archive and it looks OK to me). Also if anyone ever needs any streetwear LC'ed just ask            
It's pretty limited though considering the inventory on that site. think it gets better after the holiday and they do discounts on bigger brands when the boutiques are doing that stuff anyway
Piece itself looks legit to me, but box much different from ones I've seen. For example Italian spelling of 'nickel' to 'nichel.' and the low placement of the logo and whited out medusa.   2013 / 14 Haas Brothers collab. No CLG (certilogo) tag or #. It's 'used'   Insights appreciated, esp if you've bought from Versace in person in recent history and know what their labels/boxes are like. My hunch is the piece is real, but the box is fake (as unlikely as that sounds...
Versace F/W "VIP" (think you just need to register) sale. 30% off some of their ugliest pieces and no returns. Prob end up selling it on ebay for a fraction of what you paid since the market is flooded w fakes.    US link 
The resale value would be low because it's fake. Don't sell a fake to somebody else. Or if you do at least rip out the tags.
Zegna does the Versace Collection suits...
  Any chance we could get link or code to access the "pre-sale". Or any idea if it will go live for plebs? Love ff but prob haven't spent enough w them for special treatment
Know this is old as hell but can't find an answer online. I feel they probably can't be altered/ no one would be able to except a couture glove maker.
I ask for your help again SF, (and prob Spoopoker)  If this tie is legit I will have completed a decent Versace (except shoes) formal outfit at very reasonable prices      
damn thank you spoopoker!
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