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Distressed, bleached, retro, classic, limited edition/hard to find
Good black friday discounts on ssense right now.
Do you mean you find them cool and don't know why or other people do? I personally can't find anything to like about these
VIP sale today. I believe all you have to do is have an online account @ www.versace.com   30% some of the leftovers. A few decent staples like black wool pants (in that casual/formal grey area)   These prices are around where you'll see them on an average day at a boutique. If for some reason you want to make a purchase from the main site though, now's better.   To see sale items, go to the section tabs (eg MEN, WOMEN, VERSUS) and look for VIP SALE under those tabs.
I have been looking for a pair of sneaks from them tbh...how loud is too loud?
    Panelled Hooded Jacket
Dubai Hotel - “the most luxurious that the Middle East has ever seen.”
Ended up getting a messenger bag after a lot of shopping around and not finding anything else that interested me / hit that financial masochism g spot.    I've been buying and selling "ultra-lux" stuff for a few years now and have to say the detailing is amazing. Totally blew me away in person. According to their website the print is no longer hand painted, but "manually applied" (assuming they use stencils/ manual printing).   Also they're coming out with a backpack...
I have seen high end shirts with them used minimally and tastefully. Definitely not something you want on a plaid shirt, if you must wear plaid at all. Versace has done some black shirts with gold undertones  
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