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That's part of what makes the brand fascinating: they still take risks. They're not mortified to depart from 'good taste', and occasionally stumble on bold designs that work. With other ultra-lux or big name designers they create a circus on the runway, but don't take many risks with production pieces, like Hood By Air's F/W 16. You won't see tattered rags on their webshop.    Versace takes risks and occasionally gets stuck with hideous pieces that sit in the sale...
Hey yanger87 I was just talking to Spoopoker about making a general talk Versace thread. I'm more into the modern collections but I'll gather some label info to compile in one place and invite some more knowledgeable friends. There don't seem to be any good (english) forums or threads around for Versace despite the size of the brand. I suspect this has something to do with the "Donatella ruined Versace" attitude people seem to have. The thread is under streetwear:...
While much of SF seems to revile the Versace ultra-lux lifestyle brands, and especially their development since the death of Gianni Versace, it's clear from the authenticity thread that Versace has a following on SF. However there are almost no places online to discuss the fashion house.     If you find something you like, post it here. Pictures of clothes, especially detail shots, are always welcome. This thread is for discussion, questions, education, anything related...
hey ak28 unfortunately this is definitely a fake like mikeDT says. You are not going to get a full medusa logo tee for under 400-500 USD at this point. One way you can immediately tell you have a fake (besides the price) is that the logo is a full medusa head, but the shirt has a Versace Collection tag. Versace Collection is a mid-priced diffusion line that generally has only has half medusa head logos cut down the middle vertically. There's so much fake Versace you're...
Well seeing as they have a full size run at a very low price for SI, i'd say fake. Oh and the seller only has 9 feedback...    Look at the circumstances of a listing: unlimited quantities, low price for normally pricey and limited items? Seller with no reputation or a few negatives claiming they sell fakes?   You're dealing with fakes! Stay away!
For anyone posting questions about Versace Jeans Couture: keep in mind it is a low to mid market diffusion line and new pieces at retail are not worth that much, nor are the pieces generally of high quality or design (first hand experience), making fakes less likely (though not impossible). Thanks
just for future reference vestiaire does have some fakes and has pretty miserable yelp reviews https://www.lollipuff.com/blog/260/fakes-tradesy-shophers-vaunte-vestiaire-collective
I don't know much about the glasses, but isn't that case fake?
Need a LC on this jacket, seems legit and comes recommended by a friend/collector. Vintage Gianni Versace,  (forgive me if I'm missing some obvious thing but I checked it against a tag archive and it looks OK to me). Also if anyone ever needs any streetwear LC'ed just ask            
It's pretty limited though considering the inventory on that site. think it gets better after the holiday and they do discounts on bigger brands when the boutiques are doing that stuff anyway
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