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I have seen high end shirts with them used minimally and tastefully. Definitely not something you want on a plaid shirt, if you must wear plaid at all. Versace has done some black shirts with gold undertones  
I found this quite interesting: a totally separate company operated in Israel for years under the Versace name. Eventually the courts all sided with the S.p.A., but it took several lawsuits and quite some time.    https://www.aippi.org/enews/2010/edition12/Versace.html
 I would feel the same starting from scratch on a large flat like these. I've always found armani to be overly safe and muted, which would be a tempting way to decorate since no one would object. If money were no object and I wanted to move to London with a minimum of work, or use the flat as an RE investment (which a lot of these buildings have become, they're often only occupied a few months a year) these designer architecture projects make sense. For 99.99% of the...
New building with interiors by Versace group, Jenga Tower, to be completed 2020.
How do these fit?
Hmm know I'm reviving the dead but has anyone else experienced the poor wear and tear?
Yeah I recommend buying from boutiques, they have more info and pictures. The message at the top says all sale items are final. Not normal items, like this one. Free returns and shipping on this. They play it like the ultra lux companies and are kind of assholes on their website and in the actual stores. 
Some excellent compositions for womenswear FW '16 in Milan, not so for the menswear lines so far         More   While we may not see these designs for men on the runway they do tend to filter down into the men's collections for sale
That's part of what makes the brand fascinating: they still take risks. They're not mortified to depart from 'good taste', and occasionally stumble on bold designs that work. With other ultra-lux or big name designers they create a circus on the runway, but don't take many risks with production pieces, like Hood By Air's F/W 16. You won't see tattered rags on their webshop.    Versace takes risks and occasionally gets stuck with hideous pieces that sit in the sale...
New Posts  All Forums: