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  Any chance we could get link or code to access the "pre-sale". Or any idea if it will go live for plebs? Love ff but prob haven't spent enough w them for special treatment
Know this is old as hell but can't find an answer online. I feel they probably can't be altered/ no one would be able to except a couture glove maker.
I ask for your help again SF, (and prob Spoopoker)  If this tie is legit I will have completed a decent Versace (except shoes) formal outfit at very reasonable prices      
damn thank you spoopoker!
eabdulla I'm running across the gianni versace name on a lot of jacket tags on ebay. My experience with other brands says slight changes of the name or different versions of the name are fake unless it's a denoted diffusion line or collection. However, I just bought a "Versace Collection" suit and there were several other lines with diffusion-esque names. So don't rule it out solely because of that. It may just be an old line. If it's in your possession maybe call in to a...
Thanks to people responding, sorry to add to pile   Any idea whether this Versace belt is legit? Apparently a few years old so I'm not sure about following the guides on it.  
can i get an update on what supreme is left?
  seems pretty harsh, i think they have some cool shit.  there's a lot of stuff that doesn't make sense, but the oxfords are sweet, the jeans are ok and some hats are good.  You can't always wear a casual suit...   definitely for a younger crowd tho
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