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  When you need to blend in with your counter-tops
Silk promo from the 80s 90s
some of the stupidest shit I have ever seen 
NYT article on Versus and the differences between this diffusion line and the Versace main line.     As I absorb more seasons and shop the stock available in the US, I keep getting the feeling that Donnatella prefers the women's lines and wants to focus there. Which to me is a bit of a disappointment, since there are motifs and designs (for instance with sweatshirts) in the women's line, that could easily be brought into men's lines. But instead what we see for the...
Holiday email, good choice of charities.
In short AVOID this logo, it may come up in your searches  
Watch out for products branded "Versace 19.69 Abbigliamento Sportivo SRL" (~Versace 19.69 Sportswear LLC)    As far as I can tell Alessandro has no relation to the family. Nor am I able to find info about him generally. My guess is he was born with the same name and has found a way to capitalize on it, with a company with a name just different enough to avoid lawsuit.   Myhabit (the Amazon high fashion proxy site) is full of 19.69 gear made in China with incredibly low...
Old article on MIA (the artist) working with Versus, one of the diffusion lines
"15 Versace Home Goods That'll Turn Your Apartment Into an Illuminati Mansion"
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