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From http://www.styleforum.net/t/219173/custom-whites-boots-thoughts/3870#post_7166018 So after three weeks of nearly daily wear here is what they are looking like:  The dimple/crease in the toe looks a little funny in the photos, but just comes across as normal looking creases in person so far. Took about 3 days to break in until I could wear them all day.  Wore them daily for about two weeks, then did the LP, and after a day of "baking" in the car they're back on.  Water...
 Meant to quote.  I'm digging the wear.
Nice.  I'll be getting some updated pics of my SDs up today, after only three weeks of wear.
Are these still available?
Thanks b-ewing.  I was inspired by some photos of a similar setup from I believe bl@ster if I'm not mistaken.  While I initially wanted a more traditional brown, I have a some nice brown shoes, and some nice black Red Wing Oxfords, so decided to expand the color pallet.
I will try to post aging photos, break in, wear and tear thoughts along the way.  Took me a good long while to come to grips with "mail ordering" boots this expensive.  But Baker's totally took care of me and "held my hand" to get me to bite the bullet and go for it.  Size is basically right on compared to the trial boots they sent me.  Just a little pressure on my right pinkie toe, which existed in the second trial pair they sent out.   What kills me is that these are...
trying another way to insert photos....           ahh....much better.  Ordered through Bakers with tons of assistance by Josh on the sizing.
So, if I edit my post, the photos are there, but they don't show up when viewing the thread?  Any have ideas?
Just received my new semi dress so threw them on while at the office wearing my olive slacks.  I'm digging them.  
Thought I would share a link to a guys blog with a lot of pictures.  The link has the search built in, and has pages of results, you just have to click on the "Next Posts" to get to the other pages with matches to the search.
New Posts  All Forums: