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i'm good as long as it's interesting... oh and jeans are amazing if they fit right.
this two thread thing is weird. Quote: Originally Posted by Ozarks Final presentation to the FBI and I'm done for the semester, one to go...yipee man, great looking suit, what brand is this? I've been looking for a cut like this for a while, but it's not found in most stores (Specifically the slim fit with smaller arm holes... huge flappy arms really bother me) and the shiny charcoal is a great color. any tips on where to find one?
sorry, wrong thread.
I got mine in today.. I'm happy with them, thanks for the tip!
is there anything you can tell me from this picture? an iMac couldn't take a good picture to save it's life... Just bought these nudies, I have 3 other pairs, but I've always been a baggier jean guy, I bought these a size down in hopes they would stretch to a more normal level... however after wearing them today, the tightness is growing on me... I kind of like the way they look now... any opinions? This is also the first time I've been able to find my 30-35" size... I...
how would those nudies fit on someone who usually wears a 32x34?
Quote: Originally Posted by knugget From my biology teacher, I would reccomend against the use of aluminum based materials (deodorants, anti-perspirant, and so on). He's read a great deal of articles that show a direct correlation between aluminum and Alzheimer's. Aside from that, how's your physical condition? I always believed that my sweat was from my horrible condition. During cross country season, I hardly sweat, but after the season ended, I begin...
Quote: Originally Posted by Realbadass Just read your post and decided to sign up, i think i can give u some advice that might help. I used to have the same problem, i was sweating lots, but just under my arms, wether it was cold or warm . . . Dont bother trying all the common deodorants, they wont help. I guess you are, like me, suffering of a condition called Hyperhidrosis (google it for more information - theres more people with that problem...
well really, the only money I've spent trying was the deodorants.... I needed new Ts anyways.... so that's maybe 30 bucks... I'll look into seeing a doctor. Quote: Originally Posted by BrettChaotix Assuming you mean that you wear them under your dress shirts and longsleeves, why would you switch to sleeveless Tshirts?? I mean, yes it might be just a slight bit cooler but wouldn't a tshirt with sleeves serve to absorb some of that armpit sweat before it...
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