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Does the vest which can be zipped into the bedale actually add any warmth. Would it be worth it?
yes/no? in no what are some recommendations?
Stephan Schneider Black Cotton Jacket Size III (36) I am willing to take reasonable offers. (My price of $195 would include shipping) (Photos thanks to
Those look exactly like the original GATs (toe box, and the shoe laces)
To those who have purchased this SS item (black coat from south willard):  [[SPOILER]]   What are you wearing it with? (I do not think it works for me (my style), and am contemplating selling it)
will check CM in that case...
I am not really into CM (MC) at all, but because of social norms (I guess would be the reason) I need a suit and some dress clothes for interviews (internships and later on jobs). Should I just go into the CM world (suitsupply) or are there other options? I want to stay under 600 or so for dress shirts, ties, and suit(s).
I hate wallets...
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