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You're welcome
I'm hella jealous of that avatar.
Me buying an item and someone else buying the item doesn't matter. Either way the same amount of money goes to the thrift store and to their respective charities. In some respects I find myself to be a better customer because I don't ask for discounts or fight prices. It doesn't matter what I do with the item. I've bought it for the price they deemed fair. Just like buying on eBay to resell.Also there's always more work then what's seen in almost any profession. It's...
I feel that. Stuck in a motel room with bad tooth pains and all outta pain killers. Luckily the lady's dad has some for his knee and will send her back with some.Teeth pain is like the worst kinda pain.
That's Fuecos storage actually
Merry Christmas all. I'll be out for town for the weekend and such. May your thrifts be epic and your suits well-fitting.
A first for me, 3 piece Zegna suit. NWT too.        
Merry Christmas!
Purely out of jealousy, I hope it costs like 50 bucks a pound.
I tried to thrift a bit yesterday but walking jostles my post-surgery tooth and gives hella bad pains. Guess I'm out till next year.
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