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https://www.etsy.com/listing/185983254/ben-silver-blazer-buttons-yellow-lab?ref=shop_home_active_2   Not mine, but thought some dog lover might enjoy these.
Some awesome ties this week along with handful of other things.   12 Photos Newly ListedSPRING Brooks Brothers Gray Colorful Houndstooth Suit Jacket Blazer Coat 42L WOW     Expedited shipping available Time left: Apr-24 15:00 $48.51 0 bids   $178.51 Buy It Now 11 Photos ...
I usually just walk into Goodwill, stare down the Manager until I assert my dominance, and walk out with my prize.
How ya been doing lately, E? I remember you said you might be out of the thrift game for a while but you've been at it since days after your surgery. Can't keep a thrifter down eh
I've done my best to look around but I can't really find too much information on this Pierre Balmain belt. I know most of PB stuff is licensed crap, but this seems like real Croc. Is there anything special to this beside being Crocodile? [[SPOILER]]
Some of the same stuff but better pictured  [[SPOILER]]
Some of the better ties I found today     Ike Behar, RT BOC, Made by Hand Culwell & Sons, Breuer, Isaia 7 fold, Breuer, Hickey Freeman     The one you all probably actually care about Isaia 7 fold - I don't think it's Grenadine    
    I was still out when I posted that. Scuff on the buckle is removable thank god.
Should I be as excited as I am about this? Pierre Balmain Crocodile belt made in france
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