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 If they opened an Item Not Received claimed before the eBay predicted date, you should be able to get those removed. A return for item not fitting shouldn't give you a defect. Get on the phone with eBay and talk to them. Don't believe them if they say they can't do it, they definitely can.
I think his 90 was boosted by those lenses he sold. Hella expensive stuff.
Label looks recent   [[SPOILER]]
I dunno man he's the twoth owner.
Hey man, you picked up some decent things but you probably want to skip a few things next time. The Lauren Ralph Lauren springs to mind as well as the YSL.
Can you call something 100% Silk tweed? Picked up an awesome Southwick which I think is super recent. It's herringbone, looks like  tweed from afar, but is definitely not rough like tweed, and obviously not wool. Pictures:  [[SPOILER]]
I think everyone I know in IT wears cargo shorts and a t-shirt with Star Wars print on it to their job daily.
Sending something here - pretty cool. http://sfplayhouse.org/sfph/
Morning yall
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