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  Biggest item I've ever thrifted. US size not EU. Some crappy Tallia NWT linen jacket
Okay so a customer got my number from eBay I assume and he's been texting and calling me non-stop since the day after his purchase asking where his item is. I'm extremely fucking pissed off and frustrated eBay just gave out my number to some random ass person on the internet.
I routinely ignore any offer that's 50% or less of my BINOBO. He sent two offers on a $50 tie at 20 then 25. On his last chance he sent an offer for $40. I'd have accepted the $40 but gmail kinda wonks emails and groups "like" ones together and it slipped past. I apologized and told him I'd accept the offer and to re-send it. I think it's pretty obvious I meant the $40 offer. That's the context
Lol. Buyer claiming an item is fake that I bought myself at an NMLC. 
I'm looking for really awesome slim fitting 40R stuff. Things like those Etro paisley blazers or the Hickey Freeman pinup girls blazer, etc. Fun things to wear to the bar. Also similar shirts in an M.
Dallas suggestions?
What questions you got? A lot of us have a store and maybe we can help
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