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Peugeot's are trending right now. Living in a college hipster community you'd probably get shanked with a corded telephone for that here.
Sadly found a repair on the Brioni as well as a couple small stains on the sleeve. Still an awesome piece.          
 Thanks for that. It's nice to see where the defects and such are. Kinda hurts to look at though. Gonna have to get my sales up so my over-all defects go down. Opted out of managed returns, going to update my ASQ's to have a bunch of questions so the buyers contact me prior to case opening.
Where do you see that trending data graph?
Still going through 18+ bags but here's a beauty I found today. 1977 from Custom Shop       Just a bit long on me, sadly.
Had a pretty great day. Most heartbreaking is a Suit Supply pinstripe jacket with no pants. Picked up the jacket and will be looking for the pants in days to come.   Second most heartbreaking is this Brioni, with no pants in sight. Will also be tearing the store for pants in days to come.    
 I live in a college neighborhood and so I drop my packages off every time. It helps that my local thrift store which produces treasures quite often is right next door, though.
How do you distinguish between scarves and pocket squares? When does something become too big to be a pocket square?
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