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I'm always curious what runs through someones mind when they message me on eBay offering less than my starting bid amount (20 on a 30+ item) when there's a bid on the item already. Like does the guy really think I'm sell it to him for less money?
 I can usually get Brioni ties for about 50 bucks a piece there (buy one get one deal) same with Versace and such. The one I frequent always does buy one get one, never a percentage off a single item (or rarely). But it's like 99% crap, honestly. Hard to find any real deals.
97 on the velcro
I'm about to go late night sledding with my puppies. There's actually enough snow for that. Fuck yeah
I pretty much fist bumped the mailman on my way back in with a slight nod that said "Work is work"
Just saying it's snowing in Denton and I thrifted today.
Hey that sounds like this 
Top is newest, Brown is next, Blue, then Black. The black stuff is usually quite ugly though
Pop on Vacca in a fucking awesome way. Vacca is the orange pants, yellow is belvest
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