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Lol. Buyer claiming an item is fake that I bought myself at an NMLC. 
I'm looking for really awesome slim fitting 40R stuff. Things like those Etro paisley blazers or the Hickey Freeman pinup girls blazer, etc. Fun things to wear to the bar. Also similar shirts in an M.
Dallas suggestions?
What questions you got? A lot of us have a store and maybe we can help
http://pages.ebay.com/sellerinformation/news/springupdate2015/index.html   Looks like basically Auctoins are getting a boost by being free if your listings sell. Also 10-day is free now, with less timers costing more.   Isn't nearly as bad, if at all bad, as the one last year.
 Your insurance should say what they cover. I actually don't think mine covers theft, but I'm not sure. If yours does cover theft they'll reimburse you but I think it's depreciated. The cops are likely to do this, but I'd take a picture of the diamond earrings to local pawn shops and ask them to keep on the look out for them. They're gonna try and fence your stuff and it'll be through pawn shops or craigslist. 90% of the time that's how they're caught.
What were they? Always curious about the prices in other places
I use mistake pickups to test things out. Like putting stains on them and seeing what might work better to remove it, etc.
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