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Golden Bear for Frank & Oak varsity jacket in charcoal:!shopid=shop   I already have it in the crate I ordered from them, but I'm on the fence about keeping it. Does anyone know if Golden Bear has an all-black (rather than charcoal) varsity out? Or if they have had one in the past?
Yeah I figured ):  but goddamn it's such a nice jacket.
Damn that's disappointing. I'm a small in some brands but I don't know if it's worth taking the plunge. Also the seller is 5' 8 and I'm 6'
From what I tried on at Macy's when I was in the states, they seem to be cut way too big. Quality seemed okay though, for $14.   $14 is just about what one of them is worth; the $42 price tag is ridiculous. I wouldn't be suckered into buying three of them at a time if I were you.
Looking to buy a used ToJ baseball jacket, stock size 44/46. What standard size is this roughly equivalent to? A medium? Chart says a 44 is 39 inches around the chest for a bomber but idk what that means for the baseball jacket.
^ sry, wrong account. Plz ignore. Ah, that's a good point. I guess there are societies on earth who are as culturally, maybe genetically, separated from me as I am from Neanderthals. Does this mean that if a modern human and a Neanderthal were to attempt to procreate there would be absolutely no issues with viability?
Same genus, different species. Much like how tigers and lions belong to the same genus, and ligers are pretty bad-ass looking. Maybe Neanderthal-human hybrids would stand 8 feet tall or something! That would be fun.
I went to the Lakeview once. A guy sitting at a table across from me told me "Hi. You know, I went to China once. Your people are very nice people!"    Thanks, bro.
by slouchy they might mean slouchy in some areas e.g. drop crotch
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