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I wouldn't cuff the pants, I don't think it would help. You need more of a tailored fit rather than a classic fit because you're slender. Also, your cardigan is too long which makes the pants seem bigger, too.
Labor Day Weekend should be renamed iPhone Pic Weekend. Traditional celebrations include links to the first post of the thread and screaming "I can't tell you what to do about your jacket because I can't see what's wrong!"
AlexE, I think it looks very good if you're not looking for slim fit. The one thing I wonder, when you wear with a jacket, do the sleeves feel a bit long? I have some shirts that look like they sit right about where yours does and when I wear my jacket that has proper sleeve length I sometimes wish the shirt sleeves were a bit shorter. I can't see a jacket so this is mere idle curiosity. It's a good looking shirt.
Yeah, the DB is quite short, but has a nice shape. The other has a better length but the shape from the front isn't as nice. 1.5" would be way too much, though in person a tailor might be able to determine if a bit is necessary, on the first one anyway.
I love that there are 108 pages of these awesome shoes and that you guys have been keeping this thread alive since '09. Keep up the good work! And now I just need to find a pair that fits my budget since these pages have confirmed my love for suede.
If you are 76kg and 5'10, then these jackets are doing you a great disservice. I would never guess your weight (or age for that matter) looking at these pictures. You say you got the first 2 at a tailors? Did he suggest alterations? The length of the sleeves on the second one alone stand out like a sore thumb. I'll let the experts give actual advice, but just wanted to put my 2 cents in mostly to say, if you end up getting them tailored, I'd love to see before and...
Your best bet is to go to page one and read about 10 pages of this thread. That will answer most of your questions right there.If you're like the rest of us, you'll be hooked and you'll read all 200+ pages! But just the first 10-20 will have so much advise and pictures you will start to feel like a pro when eyeballing the fit of OTR jackets and pants.   EDIT: Clicked wrong, was meant to be a quoted reply to NeedAnM3.
Waiting sucks, doesn't it? I'd love feedback on mine, too. But the tailors have jobs and lives and sometimes there can be a bit of a wait before replies.As for yours, it looks pretty good to me (excellent pics, by the way, I'm jealous of the quality.) Your sleeves are too long, there's no room to see the shirt cuff. And I'm assuming the pants aren't hemmed yet, because that's a hge break. Other than that, my eye doesn't pic out a whole lot, I think you're stuck waiting for...
Sorry, just a bit of a troll. I got the vest on the chance I may like it with the suit. Remember this gem?
Well, I've finally gone and bought a suit. I've been reading here since 2010 and swore my first suit would get posted here for opinions. It is an MTM from an online company and I'm considering this a "test" suit. It's given me a chance to learn about measurements and put into practice things I've only read about here until now. I have long arms and am very slim (ie: no butt) I can already see some things I think are wrong, but I would take the experts advice, obviously...
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