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  I think that's my issue. With winter coming and the fact I walk to work (in Minneapolis), my choices shrink depending on the weather. Its pushing me towards a shoe/boot that can handle the elements with style - think Long Branch. There's just something about that Natural CXL Clark Street I can't get past though, especially when I think of a shoe I'd want to wear year round if I could.  Any other suggestions for those in colder climates?
I've been lurking the last couple weeks as I've been trying to decide what to buy during the RDA sale. All I've done is made myself even more unsure of what to add to my small collection. I work in a casual where people wear anything from jeans/chinos with a polo or button down to a suit, depending on their day, although I typically fall in the casual to business casual spectrum. With that, I'm looking for something with some versatility to wear at work and outside of it....
Cordovan McGraws today
I wear a 7E in the 5 last (Strand and Macallister), although a little snug some days and ended up with a 7D in the Gobi, which fits perfectly. I was originally told to try a half size up by my SA due to having a small, wide foot but the 7.5D was too large.Hope that helps!
Broke out the Snuff Suede Gobis for the first time today. I'm amazed at how comfortable they are out of the box!
I can't say that I'm a fan of merlot/burgundy shoes, although I can't really put my finger on what it is about them. I might just need to see them on my feet as just looking at them in store and online hasn't done anything for me. I'll have to take a look at the Leeds. I think if I got the Dalton's, they'd be used for casual wear. Whether they fill an actual need or not, they're some good looking boots.Would a black cap toe(fifth ave) be a shoe worth considering at this...
I received an AE gift card for Christmas and am planning on eventually using towards a new pair shoes/boots. I was hoping to get some suggestions on what I should be looking at as I build out my wardrobe. I wear suits 3-4 days a week for work and prefer something that can be dressed up and worn casually. I currently have: Black Shell McGraws Walnut Strand Bourbon Mcallister Considering: Bourbon Daltons Black or Brown Fifth Avenue Brown Kenilworth
I recently got the pair of walnut Strands that I ordered from the Nordstrom sale and had the same issue on the welt. I'm not worried too much about it as its much better than the first pair I was sent that had a small gouge in the toe.
I have a pair of McGraw Shells and a pair of Strands, both in 7E. The Strands definitely fit better and I eventually put tongue pads into the McGraws as they were a bit lose. I'd be curious to try on a pair of McGraws in a smaller size.
So I re-ordered a pair of Strands this morning prior to returning them in store and was wondering if I am able to mix and match the pairs? (ie replace the scuffed left one with the new pair and then pick the best between the two right shoes) Are these shoes uniquely numbered as a pair or just with the model and size number?
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