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I'm assuming not, but is there any chance this is something that can be covered with polish/cream? Its small, but I feel there is a chance I'll end up fixating on it.
I just received my walnut Strands and when looking them over, I found what looks like a small gouge in the toe. (see pics below) If you received these, would you exchanging them?  
I was looking at the Nordstrom's website to check the in-stocks for the shoe I want ahead of the anniversary sale and saw that my size (7E) is out of stock. Does anyone think more will become available once the sale starts or would my best bet be trying to get a price match at an AE store?   Thanks!
I was looking at the Strands in the Nordstrom's sale ... are those the walnut or brown?
I finally got a chance to polish up the shell McGraws last night  
I'm in the market for some new suits and recently found the Benjamin line. I'm trying to learn more about them as I only seem to come across positive comments and reviews regarding them. I was wondering if there was a break down or dscription of the different fits/cuts the suits come in or will be coming it. (I noticed the suit selection was a bit bare and read the comments referring to it) Thanks!
First World Problems indeed! I'm really on the fence on how I feel about the Chili Webgems, I'll have to seek out some actual pictures of them. This is probably a dumb question, but are Webgems in stores?
If only my wallet would allow it! 
  Any suggestions on a darker brown shoe to consider looking at when I stop in?   Thanks for the responses.   I have a AE store near work so I'll have to stop in again. Last time I was in, I just looked at the walnut strands and fell in love with them. I really just wish I could buy them all, seems much easier than choosing one over the other.
I'v been lurking for a while but am ready to start making some purchases so I figured I would throw it out to the people and hope for some advice.   I recently started a new job that requires more professional dress (suit/blazer or slacks+tie) than my previous position and am now in need of more dress shoes. I currently have a pair of AE McGraw in black cordovan and some ugly brown oxford lace-ups that I've been wearing while I try to plan out my next couple AE...
New Posts  All Forums: