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I recently got the pair of walnut Strands that I ordered from the Nordstrom sale and had the same issue on the welt. I'm not worried too much about it as its much better than the first pair I was sent that had a small gouge in the toe.
I have a pair of McGraw Shells and a pair of Strands, both in 7E. The Strands definitely fit better and I eventually put tongue pads into the McGraws as they were a bit lose. I'd be curious to try on a pair of McGraws in a smaller size.
So I re-ordered a pair of Strands this morning prior to returning them in store and was wondering if I am able to mix and match the pairs? (ie replace the scuffed left one with the new pair and then pick the best between the two right shoes) Are these shoes uniquely numbered as a pair or just with the model and size number?
Double post
Considering they're brand new shoes, I dont want to start off with a gouge/scuff (even a small one) before wearing them. Thinking I need to stop by Nordstroms and returning them. Hopefully they can order a new pair for me.Definitely a bit disappointing. I was looking forward to wearing them!
I'm assuming not, but is there any chance this is something that can be covered with polish/cream? Its small, but I feel there is a chance I'll end up fixating on it.
I just received my walnut Strands and when looking them over, I found what looks like a small gouge in the toe. (see pics below) If you received these, would you exchanging them?  
I was looking at the Nordstrom's website to check the in-stocks for the shoe I want ahead of the anniversary sale and saw that my size (7E) is out of stock. Does anyone think more will become available once the sale starts or would my best bet be trying to get a price match at an AE store?   Thanks!
I was looking at the Strands in the Nordstrom's sale ... are those the walnut or brown?
I finally got a chance to polish up the shell McGraws last night  
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