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    I appreciate the input. I tried wearing them around the house last night but couldn't stop noticing the misaligned eyelet so I don't think I could keep them, even as seconds. If the misaligned eyelet was higher up the boot, it'd probably be another story. This is my 5th AE shoe but the first one with any sort of issue, so I guess that's not terrible. I'll have to swing by the store today or tomorrow.
I figured as much, but was in denial since I didn't want to wait for another pair to be made. I don't think I could get over the eyelets not lining up, especially on the right boot even if they were seconds. 
I just received the golden brown long branches that I ordered during the RDA. I put them on and am thinking I have to take them back. I don't have experience purchasing boots, but it definitely looks like the first eyelets don't line up, especially the right boot. (please excuse the wool socks and bare leg)   If you received these as firsts, would you keep them?      
Good to know. Any idea if they are only temporarily off the site or if they are plans for them to be discontinued soon? I am looking to make these my next purchase, but was hoping to wait a bit since buying a pair of Long Branch's during RDA. 
Does anyone know if the Odenwald was discontinued? It was on the site last Friday, but it is no longer listed.  I tried a google search for the boot, but the link is gives a "page not found."
I was ready to make the Kenilworth my next purchase and by the time I decided to pull the trigger they were gone. Definitely disappointed. I've always thought there was something off about the the look of the Jodox and couldn't put my finger on it - I like your description, I think it sums it up. Hopefully they bring back a sleek looking derby, along the lines of the Kenilworth.
I went into the store today and ordered a pair of a Golden Brown CXL Long Branch since they didn't have the size. Thanks to those for the input.   On a side note, I brought a gal friend of mine with me to the store and while there she was immediately drawn to the Normandy. She went as far to trying to figure out whether she could get them in her size (unfortunately, her feet were too small). The leather was very supple and comfortable. It looks like it word work really...
 I agree. I think it will end up being a boot now and a Clark Street in the spring.I like the Eagle County the more I look at it. Does anyone have any pictures of it in the wild or have any thoughts on that vs. the Long Branch in terms of versatility?
  I think that's my issue. With winter coming and the fact I walk to work (in Minneapolis), my choices shrink depending on the weather. Its pushing me towards a shoe/boot that can handle the elements with style - think Long Branch. There's just something about that Natural CXL Clark Street I can't get past though, especially when I think of a shoe I'd want to wear year round if I could.  Any other suggestions for those in colder climates?
I've been lurking the last couple weeks as I've been trying to decide what to buy during the RDA sale. All I've done is made myself even more unsure of what to add to my small collection. I work in a casual where people wear anything from jeans/chinos with a polo or button down to a suit, depending on their day, although I typically fall in the casual to business casual spectrum. With that, I'm looking for something with some versatility to wear at work and outside of it....
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