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That may be a little too adventurous for me, but sounds cool nonetheless. I'm starting to sound a little bipolar here, but the medium brown horsehide in a collared moto or BCDR is also something high in my consideration. Does anyone know if the colour is the same as this, which is listed as medium brown but is calf? Are the hues for calf and horse different is basically what I'm asking haha    
I just bought a BLK DNM leather 5 DR - surprisingly awesome lamb, I have to say. I've also decided on a black lamb moto, but am also considering a third piece for the rotation. 
I would agree with you. Black would work especially well I think, though. 
I thought so too but I honestly think it looks pretty damn badass in this pic.    
So anyone think I should go for a navy lamb collared moto with silver zips? Or a whiskey moto
Ahhhh so now I'm thinking a black lamb moto is not enough. Considering a blue (navy) lamb collared moto as well. Yay or nay?
Hey guys I decided on a Moto and am about to submit my order but still deciding between two zip and 4 zip. What do you think is the more timeless look? I don't want to go too flashy,but I also want it to stand out. I've decided on gunmetal zips. 
Anyone able to id this leather?'Malley/Glenfiddich+Mojo+Honours+List+2011+Inside/TsdBro6pgRr
Hey everyone, looking for suggestions on the best reasonably priced heather grey pullover hoodies. Any help would be greatly welcomed. Thanks in advance :)
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