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 I tried! However I must say, searching "black boots" on ebay is not conducive to the condensed, specific style that I am looking for.
Looking for suggestions on a pair of rugged lace-up black boots, combat or otherwise. Preferably boots that look good when beaten up, or already have that look to them. I appreciate all input!
Anyone see these?    http://www.revolveclothing.com/DisplayProduct.jsp?product=WOLV-MZ30&c=2013-09-10&d=b&n=n
Price drop down $40
Is the color on this one cordovan?
What model is this? 
Selling a brand new without tags BLK DNM leather 5 jacket. Fits slim, super soft lamb leather, awesome look to it.   Pics available upon request.    Shipping from Canada, buyer pays for shipping.
Yup. Just got my order in for a moto. Let the wait begin. 
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