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Nice jacket, although I personally am not a fan of the suede patch
Noob question but what is the difference between zips and hardware?   Am I right to assume zips means literally the zippers, and hardware are the pull that attach to the zips?
Hey everyone. I'm looking for a good quality standard black belt with a big (square or roundish) buckle. Can anyone point me towards some good options?
I've got a collared moto w/ silver zips and 2010 DR coming. Both in black lamb
To liven this thread up a it, because we all know it should be.   If TOJ were dead as of tomorrow, which two leathers would you want to have in your rotation?
 Is it really that exciting? Unless you're  big fan, who really cares what other celebrity wears something you own.
 I'm really not a fan of the holes in the belt - nor have I ever been a fan of leather jacket belts.
Cole fwitw, I went with a black lamb 2010 DR, and gunmetal zips. I'm of the opinion that silver is a bit too flashy for such a relatively "busy" jacket..
Sand tan lamb or standard black lamb 2010 DR? 
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