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Dark brown goat any day of the week. I personally think the electric blue is a faddish colour. Get something that you'll be comfortable wearing when you're 40. Electric blue is an eyesore. 
I'm intrigued. Who can I email to begin the process of ordering a custom coat?
Peacoat noob here in the market to purchase.  Can anyone suggest a good medium price-point peacoat, with a heavier weight and good collar stiffness?
Just my opinion, but I personally liked it better before..
Help me decide: Iron Rangers in Hawthorne or Copper R+T? For reference, I have 1000 Miles in Brown.
Schultjr,   Looks awesome. I honestly think that the A2 and collared moto are the most timeless pieces in the lineup. Makes me excited for my black lamb CM (silver zips).
Am I nuts for having two TOJ's on order and wanting a final piece?    Contemplating a dark brown goat A2 or moto, or a suede (not sure color-wise) T1.
To anyone with some time to kill. A photoshop of the different colours for the T-1 would be awesome. Having a hard time picturing the muted sky blue, olive, and medium grey colours, for instance.
Don't worry about the leg opening being too narrow. 1) it doesn't look that way 2) you can do whatever you want when you're ripped
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