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Coming from someone with questionable taste in style - crocodile skin on a leather jacket?- I couldn't disagree with you more.My point is that it's a colour that is beyond flashy. If you plan on frequenting upper class nightclubs, you'll fit right in with all of the other dbags. Otherwise, get a leather in a more traditional colour. You won't regret it, and you'll turn heads for the right reasons.That being said, I actually like electric blue as a stand alone colour. I...
Dark brown goat any day of the week. I personally think the electric blue is a faddish colour. Get something that you'll be comfortable wearing when you're 40. Electric blue is an eyesore. 
I'm intrigued. Who can I email to begin the process of ordering a custom coat?
Peacoat noob here in the market to purchase.  Can anyone suggest a good medium price-point peacoat, with a heavier weight and good collar stiffness?
Just my opinion, but I personally liked it better before..
Help me decide: Iron Rangers in Hawthorne or Copper R+T? For reference, I have 1000 Miles in Brown.
Schultjr,   Looks awesome. I honestly think that the A2 and collared moto are the most timeless pieces in the lineup. Makes me excited for my black lamb CM (silver zips).
Am I nuts for having two TOJ's on order and wanting a final piece?    Contemplating a dark brown goat A2 or moto, or a suede (not sure color-wise) T1.
To anyone with some time to kill. A photoshop of the different colours for the T-1 would be awesome. Having a hard time picturing the muted sky blue, olive, and medium grey colours, for instance.
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