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^^Awesome. I've got the same jacket on order
While I tend to agree with this, if you're going to crop the jacket a bit, it shouldn't be overly slim fitting. Otherwise it looks like you're wearing a kid's jacket. I personally think MrTony92's fit is ideal.
^ Without the length of that shirt your naval would be showing..
Where can I find some soft "classic tees" that have the shorter sleeves to them? I.e. think old school Marlon Brando/James Dean
Chippewa is a separate company that supplies Schott with their boots. They make a very high-quality, durable product. You won't go wrong with a pair.
Suggestions on good lined winter shirts/flannels/jackets? I ordered some stuff from LL Bean and their stuff fits like crap. How is Carhartt, Woolrich?
 It's good for your everyday wear, but if you plan on wearing your jacket hard, I would go with cow or goat. The cow in particular is much thicker and thus more likely to take a beating. If you're not concerned about texture, cow or goat would be good options. If not, get the lamb - there's a reason people here rave about it.
The person who uploaded the pic has said it's brown goat.
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