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Sand lamb suede Harrington. Make it happen.
My new from eBay Belstaff moto (1970's era)      
Any people receive July orders? I just want to get a sense for when I'm at in the queue (July 29)
I personally feel like the collared moto is the most timeless piece. The rider is awesome, but it's too prevalent among 18-20 something's these days. CM is a classic, sharp piece. If you really want to stand out, that is. 
10 months to get a jacket, wow. Hope that was blatant sarcasm
That's not really the point though. When people shell out top dollar for an item, they should be kept in the loop with regards to any foreseeable or actual fluctuations in their order status. This is strictly out of fairness for the customer.  Also, when money/profit is involved, you'd be surprised just how much people are willing to put up with.
Down half price to $125
This is an awesome piece guys!
Yeeeeahh that's some serious braving the cold to wear it down to even -5. Canadian winters (apart from BC) aren't leather-friendly - down jackets are the way to go. Function over aesthetics. 
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