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Anyone own or check out the broken in tees? I'm wondering how they fit and feel.
I think you're right - I took it to mean that as well.
Please do post pics of the Burgundy jacket when you get it. Also, I thought that colour was no longer available? Does it go by a different name on JC?
Hey everyone,    I'm looking to find which brands have the softest basic (white,black,grey), reasonably priced tees. Speckled of some sort also works if it's a white or grey melange. I know Alternative Apparel is one, but I'm outside the USA and they currently do not ship to Canada. Any input is appreciated. 
Does anyone know if Revolve clothing marks down? Order value of approx $730 USD, shipping to Canada.
Can anyone recommend some quality, reasonably priced denim shirt options?   edit: preferably indigo coloured
Can you guys recommend some brands for a quality denim shirt? The more reasonably priced the better.
Can anyone id this moto jacket?  
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