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Considering selling my spot in line at nearly 45 weeks. Check my ad for details.
^Wouldn't hurt, but I don't think there's any real rush at this point.
Hi there,   I'm putting out feelers for my TOJ spot in line, which is currently at 44.7 weeks. I'm not completely sold on selling it, but if the right offer comes along, I'm willing to listen to it.I'm transitioning into a new career path, so the cash would probably be more useful than a spiffy new jacket.    My original order is a black lamb collared moto with silver zips and hardware.    Save weeks of wait and grab my spot. I'm looking for something around $800....
 You need to quit doing what you're doing with your face. 
+1 Helmet Bag
It would be cool to have a suede/non-suede Harrington option
Anyone for sand colored harrington?
How much were the suede Harrington's when they were available?
Do you guys over at TOJ have any red lamb leather kicking around? 
those crumply looking leather jackets look so cheap/aesthetically terrible.
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