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  You should re-think your logic. A ticket is in fact a tangible item. The ticket is used precisely for its intended purpose, as is a spot in line. 
The key word behind your comment is "should". We really have no idea when we "are" going to get them, what with the production guy on leave, etc. etc. Some people are nearing a year with no finality in sight.
It doesn't matter if that's the case. If no one agrees with me, then no one will buy my spot in line. Going out of your way to prejudice a personal sale is low.
If you're going to slander on my ad for no reason, I am going to do the same to you. I reported your comments, so they should be removed shortly anyway. Next I'll push for a ban
Thanks for voicing your opinion without even arguing in favour of it. Can we all just agree that Distorbiant is the least liked guy on this forum? He's decided to slander on my ad because he doesn't agree with the price I'm (potentially) in which I'm selling my spot. You can agree or disagree with it, that's completely fine. But don't post juvenile messages in my ad, that's just immature and uncalled for. 
ah, but that would result in a blacklist!
No, thanks.
If you read my ad, it's not because I just "got tired" of waiting. But in the amount of time that has elapsed since I ordered, and quite possibly still wait until I receive my jacket, there is more priority than another jacket that has not yet begun production.  I am selling above the asking price because I believe that it is fair, although you may disagree. I personally think that waiting 45 less weeks makes the jacket a bit more valuable, especially in light of the...
. not worth it
Time is money. Would you not dish a couple hundred extra to get your jacket 45+ weeks sooner?
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