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@Foxhound Looks perfect! My jacket is probably in the aircraft on its way to Europe. Got tracking yesterday. Im so excited! :)
Thank you for the replies snwbdr94 and hooker4186!   Im thinking of treating myself with another TOJ for staying in bed in a hospital for a week. Cant decide on if i want a TOJ0, a BCDR (diesel blue suede) or a suede T-1 (diesel blue or black). Decisions :)
Ive been reading through some of the thread and i see many are talking about quoted lead times when they order. Where did you get them? Am i right when i understand that i only should get a payment reciept email from paypal? Nothing from TOJ?
When im measuring again i get it to 19.2" (49cm). Thats just above my jeansline.   This is what charly gave me:   shoulders 17.3" chest (pit-to-pit) 20.0" midsection 18.1" waist 18.6" body length, front 21.5" body length, back 23.5" sleeve length, from shoulder 25.5" sleeve width @...
What do you mean? Thats my body measurements.
Im just about to get my first TOJ! :) Think Im set on my measurements but Im just asking again to be sure. Anyone with about the same body as me who can help me out with fit pics or measurements? Heres my body measurements:   Shoulders 17.3" Chest 36" Midsection 30.7" Waist 33.3" Front length 18.9" Sleeve length 24.4" Biceps 12.6"   5'11" (180cm) and 154lbs (70kg)   Thanks in advance!
Hi! Im sorry to hear that TOJ will be discontinued! :( I've been wanting one for a long time and now's the time apparently!   I talked to Charly via mail about the sizing of my Double Rider 2010. I was just wondering if anybody has fit pics (and maybe the measurements) for their DR2010 who is built like me? Sorry if its a stupid question. Thanks in advance!   My measurements: Shoulder        44cm Chest        91.5cm Midsection    78cm Waist      ...
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