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I thought ninety dollars bape tees were hilarious but i guess we are all getting older together...
Geller = strictly sales season cop now What pieces flew off the shelves at retail & never to be seen at second hand market at any substantial mark downs? Could count with one hand the items that i couldnt obtain below retail somewhere somehow at certain point. Even the pieces that were supposedly never produced for retail or picked up by no stores eventually pop up for chump change if you just wait wait wait...
That tatras bomber betraying a lot of those sold by the hype Whoevers cuttin the patterns needs to step up. Design is nice but execution is still lackin after what, 6yrs? At least get correct wit that sleeves. Its the same pattern as FW07 dinner jacket for fuck sakes
price down 
Got swayed by the tarmac bomber hype Long and wide sleeve hem problem isnt too bad but i find the material to be too shiny for my liking. Any idea if washing or dry cleaning might take away some of that sheen or will it make the nylon shine even more?
Size 42.5 (outsole length 12'') Brand new in box with dust bags   USD 350 including paypal and shipping  
Size 48Sample tagDouble waist drawstringsDrawstrings at outseam
Torso looks good par, just the arms could be slimmer. Reminds me of the first season (FW07) "dinner jacket" in terms of non-tapering sleeves
Robert Geller SS09 Linen Shorts GraySize 46
Dont remember the first RG X CP coat having some sort of drawstrings like that. But the second collab coat had them. Perhaps some kind of an evil hybrid thievery going on over there
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