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Didnt know theres a jacket version... http://item.rakuten.co.jp/non-fiction/rg0601a/
That that first season good good
Only sleeves are long on me. Considered wearing them cuffed but figured the knit fabric might not hold the shape well down the line and hang like sleeve of wizard. Had to get it tailored just like the patch bomber. My other problem is how pointy the shoulders be if i dont pat them down. Like julius pagoda shoulders. Maybe just the way it was stored folded from the manufacturer.
from crotch to outseam 25.5cm, 26cm to the outermost part  hope this helps!
iirc the white robo sweater was worn under the waxed toggle bomber on the runway. Always thought that it makrs you look like youre wearing a sports bra
even the man himself doesnt like the fit... hmmm   better question is what else is in the vault?
I sized down from RG blazer size and true to RG outerwear size. Not planning on wearing buttoned up but it is possible if it needs be. Sleeve length is perfect on me.
In re: richard blazer / pants, great fit but itchy as hell wtf?
Yo. Isnt Robert Geller guys are like... Know which shop has what sizes of which pieces or what not? Surely they cant be asking real ppl about wat pieces each stores is carrying...
Tag size is 48 as most samples are, and as most samples are it feels slightly tighter. s2s 17.25" p2p 19.75"
New Posts  All Forums: