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In re: richard blazer / pants, great fit but itchy as hell wtf?
Yo. Isnt Robert Geller guys are like... Know which shop has what sizes of which pieces or what not? Surely they cant be asking real ppl about wat pieces each stores is carrying...
Tag size is 48 as most samples are, and as most samples are it feels slightly tighter. s2s 17.25" p2p 19.75"
A really rare Robert Geller tencel body & lamb leather bolero hybrid jacket which is the exact same jacket that was featured on blackbird's stock pic. It's a sample with only a size tag and a blank tag. No pulling, piling or loosening of ribbed cuffs and waist. Robert Geller leather zipper pull is also in pristine condition. Surprisingly the double zippers work every time. There is some wrinkle on the tencel part, but I have not dared to iron it out since I have no...
Also kanye in vagina pocket tee And jamie foxx in fw09 leather But yea i do envy swaggy p not having to tailor the sleeves of the patch bomber
If anyone needs a solid crewneck
9 pieces off retail. 0 worth the reatail price. All in the spirit of keeping the brand afloat. See u in a min
In re: fw08 field jacket FLAT construction made the jacket really tight for shoulders and chest, while the bottom flared out and back stick out like an A-shaped coat. Zippers did not work (geller zippers still dont work in 2014). Material felt straight h&m both in and out. I dunno just my bad luck with certain highly sought after geller outerwears still looks drool worthy on a hanger tho
Yes via pop buttons. It looks too little to function as a hood tho?Whats the silly tag on the left sleeve? U know the one that ppl leave on alongside the cross stitch on they vents
U aint trill if u aint cop the full set
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