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Richard jacket over the long shirt to work is questionable on several accounts tho
Yet another A-line jacket... The reason i didnt pick up the FW hooded bomber even though everything else was butter So many nice designs i can only drool at bc the shoulder/chest is TIGHT for my size yet the waist is wide like maternity clothes... The fitting models are gorgeous Aryan specimen but why do end products fit like they are made to measure for teletubbies?
Anyone privy to the backstory for this: http://item.rakuten.co.jp/wonderrex/9264780196150/
Geller has no idea how to cut pants esp in thick fabric. Unless u chop ur balls off forget about "thick wool" pants circa 09 tanker pants. Your waist-pocket-hip having no breathing room (not to mention u cant sit down) but baggy and "shape holding" in all sorts of wrong places. U gotta love it by now. Its like a guessing game of which pieces are intentionally and quite safe to say completely obsolete amongst... um impulsive buy candidates backed by online hype that no one...
because tucking in bombers and jackets just wasn't cringe worthy enough
Idk why they made richard's buttons functioning - it confuses people into thinking they may actually be buttoned
Wow @ being able to tuck in that "coat"
Lol a knit sweater that your armpit can feel Geller still needs a real patternist
Thats why when it comes to geller u let the internetz to dress u. So why spend $$$ on demographic ads? For example, we got ppl telling u to tuck in the long flannel for the office. Worse yet, we got people considering the long flannel for the office. So [palpy voice] DO IT!
Isnt that the inferior colourway that our inhouse geller hobbit had a hard time moving in an attempt to replace it with a darker colour version? How one can see a tee shirt from that fit pic is a whole another matter...
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