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Imo there are better standalone suicoke models or collabs with other brands but i too succumbed to copping a geller collab just because. Its not mind blowing or anything... The heel cap is not a nuisance in any measure.
Im (pleasantly) surprised that the brand survived this long in the first place. Compared to plokhov geller has successfully moved far enough away from just making reiterations of helmut lang archives, and the direction seems to have somewhat found its niche. Its about time that the price point rises above the rookie player status even though i still consider the brand as strictly sales rack and second hand market material as far as coppage value. Miss me with the you have...
Arent they the metropolitan pants
Thank its the pleat that lines up with the belt loop?
Sorry. Wont happen again.
BNWT aw14 flecked zipper blazer in darker grey in size 50 up for sale... on you know where... as soon as my camera gets fixed    
How did they stumble upon a fuck ton of jazz shoes when they were not that readily available to begin with even back then? The runway left over stash? Pre CP collab geller footwears were either hit or miss (geller GATs or AF1 mids anyone?) but them jazz shoes are still one of my favs to this day.
Richard jacket over the long shirt to work is questionable on several accounts tho
Yet another A-line jacket... The reason i didnt pick up the FW hooded bomber even though everything else was butter So many nice designs i can only drool at bc the shoulder/chest is TIGHT for my size yet the waist is wide like maternity clothes... The fitting models are gorgeous Aryan specimen but why do end products fit like they are made to measure for teletubbies?
Anyone privy to the backstory for this: http://item.rakuten.co.jp/wonderrex/9264780196150/
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