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Often a runway ensemble is not exactly what you thought it would be when you hit the streets in it and... that blazer is likely to tip the scale to almost always...
I thought that FW09 jawn was called the kaiser blazer. Nice design and all, but the main body black wool leaves a bit more to be desired. The grey diamond pattern fabric is superb tho. Still searching for the whole suit made of that fabric from SS09 i believe...
SS08 fencing jacket i believe? Oh what a trip down the memory lane. Gellers second season... The patterns are poorly cut while the idea was cool so it was just weird as fuck to wear. General geller pattern fuckery u know... Narrow shoulders, bulging back and waist, wizard sleeves... The works. Interesting idea that was poorly executed. Like the AW08 M-65 and the Himalayan jacket. Flat construction with no regards for human body conture. It wasnt until AW09 that they...
went past 20,000yen and i was like nah
Dior Homme SS04 B03 Sneakers SizingTagged 42.5Outsole length: 12" DetailsSilver studsBack dartsSilver DIOR charm includedLeather lined ConditionPristine used condition with 2 dustbags     USD 800 including paypal and shipping (via EMS with tracking)
Real itchy wool. Too stiff anf doesnt wrap around body. Looks cool on the shelf though. Another case of great design executed poorly.
Robert Geller FW14 Lounge Pants 48
Show em the link, its the wrong thread count
Barneys New York FW08 Boots   Size 10 (outsole length 11.5") Aged cognac leather Waxed laces Stacked wooden heels Worn once (only sign of slightest wear is on vamp; heels show no wear)
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