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That's the one. I went for side adjustor, 2 inch cufffs and full front interlining. The pants are breathable, but not to lightweight because of the lining, which is exactly the way I want it. The pattern looks nicer in real life imo, not too stand out but enough to be noticed. So far they are already my favourite, and I will order at least another pair before summer
My luxire shirt and pants arrived just now. Shirt is cool white linen cotton, while pants are light tan glen plaid linen. This order took 18 days to arrive, and I was lucky no import duty was involved (I reckon the chance of you getting zapped is 50% if you order 2 items or more). Anyway after trying it on straight from the box (who doesn't), I can say that luxire nailed it this time. It is my second attempt in tweaking the measurement, compared with the previous order,...
My first two Luxire shirts. I would say the 5-week wait paid off really well because they came out much better than I expected. I tried to be creative and went for 2-button collar. I just have one question. What is the end section of the placket, where it meets the collar called? I would prefer it to be curved, not squared to match my shirt cuffs. Maybe I can specify it in my next order. Overall very satisfied!
After browsing through the affiliate thread, I noticed that while the quality of Luxire's craftsmanship is much appreciated, the shipping time is however their weakness. It's been a month since the day I placed my order (I placed another one later because I was overwhelmed with the idea that I can fully customise pretty much everything) and so far none arrived. A bit worried, but let's hope I can post my review in a few days at last
I'm thinking of ordering one pair. Do the shoe trees come with the shoes or I have to order them separately?
Just a silly question. I'm thinking of a two-buttoned collar but as it is not listed can I pick "custom" instead and tell them what I want like collar band height, collar point length?
To be honest I was a little bit skeptical of the elephant thong. Took a leap of faith a while ago and now I can say for sure I'll never go back!
Shirts with darts might be the solution to your problem. However they can mess up patterns like stripes or check.
Sorry for the late reply. I took a risk with moderntailor after checking out some reviews on SF. The first shirt arrived last week and I have to say, for a beginner like me, it's a lifesaver. The neck, shoulder and torso part fit perfectly, the sleeves are not too slim but since I need to work out anyway there's no problem. I forgot to enter the first $20 off (the email with the code went straight to my spam box). Sent them an email about that not really expecting...
Well don't forget €20 shipping fee within Europe. It's a good deal nevertheless, and seems too good to be true like you said. It's hard to find reviews as well which questions their liability. So sorry I can't test it out soon since I want to tone up my figures before I refurbish my wardrobe. If you want to try however, please post your review I'll be looking for it :)
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