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Quote: We apparently have the only Ruth's Chris Steakhouse to *not* require men to wear a jacket.  I've never been, but my gf's father says so. You're not required to wear a jacket at the Ruth's Chris here in Arizona as well. Good thing or RC would find their restaurants empty in the summer.
Arkirshner, thanks for the reply. I'll give Izzy a call. As usual, AA search is screwed up so I can't find the threads you mention. Andy ought to think about fixing that web site. Thanks again.
Quote: You are looking for the "most bang for the buck"  in a blazer but, at least to me, that phrase is pretty ambiguous. If you give us a price range it will be easier for us to make specific suggestions. Anywhere from $150 - $350. I probably should have mentioned that to begin with.
Any comments on the blazer below? Thanks.
Quote: You say that you "wear" a 40S, but do you actually measure a 40S?  When I'm in shape I measure 40 chest, 32 waist, and that's hard enough to find; If you're really a 40 chest, 29 waist then I want your workout program.   Tom I probably should go get measured. However, off the rack coats in a 38 are too tight around the chest and back. All of my slacks are a 30" waist and all of my jeans are 29", with one pair being a 28". I wear my jeans...
Quote: Quote: Originally Posted by ernest,June 25 2005,21:10 Quote: Originally Posted by YMark,June 26 2005,06:02 Quote: Originally Posted by ernest,June 25 2005,21:42 Quote: Originally Posted by YMark,June 26 2005,04:56 Quote: Originally Posted by ernest,June 24 2005,17:35 Quote: Originally Posted by YMark,June 24 2005,18:45 Quote: Originally...
I need help in finding a blazer, preferably navy, and I'm asking for help from the style forum fashion gurus. I know next to nothing about blazers and have searched Ebay, STP, Bluefly, etc. to confirm this. I'm not sure I would know one from another. I live in Phoenix, where we have 9 months of warm to hot weather, so I'm looking for lightweight. I want the blazer to be versatile, I'd like to wear it with slacks as well as jeans. I'm 5'7", 29" waist, and weigh about...
Amblus, thanks for the info.
Does anyone know anything about the Helmut Lang "Classic Cut Unisex" jeans? How they fit, the rise, etc. Or maybe how they compare to other designer jeans? Also, how true to size they are (i.e. I wear a 29 in Earnest Sewn and Seven, would I wear a 29 in HL as well)? Thanks
Quote: These Onitsuka Tiger Corsairs are pretty cool - Link A little pricey, and whiter than my usual sneakers... except the lavers. I had a pair of those about 30 years ago. I think they were probably around $30 then too.
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