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I work in a slightly less conservative (but still old fashioned) industry and I would only wear that color in the summer and never if I had an important meeting that day. That's in the U.S. at least - in Continental Europe I might not think twice about it in the warmer months.   Nevertheless I think Subutai is on the mark. I would recommend Merlot AE Park Aves since they seem to match your criteria for being in the brown color family and conservative but you could go...
  She's used to my quirks and crazy ideas by now so she's gotten pretty good at ignoring them and going with the flow vs. getting upset or something similar. In any case, I offered to share but she didn't bite!       They're not huge but this is the reaction I expect from friends, etc. Basically in my half of the bedroom walk-in I have all my shirts, jeans, and pants and then in another room about 20 suits, 10 sports coats, and my outerwear. 
I have an extra bedroom in my house that for the last 3 years I haven't been able to figure out what to do with... The idea that I've been thinking about lately is buying some racks, storage, and a mirror and converting it into a dressing room/huge "closet".    Right now I already have my things split between closets in two different rooms so I'm thinking it would be good to combine them and have everything in one place instead of running back and forth to get ready...
Contemplating purchasing a tan wool sports coat... Only for spring/summer or also okay into Autumn?
Done. Thank you!
Need to know more about your background first. Having worked with tons of consultants and consultancies over the course of my career I can tell you with certainty it all comes down to experience.
Hi, I'm Gobbo. Been a very serious lurker here for about 5 years and figured it was high time to actually create an account and participate. I enjoy wearing suits and nice shoes. I wear suits to work daily and recently started stepping up my casual game with better SC's, etc. looking forward to finally engaging in the fun here!
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