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My alligator leather strap^ is supplied by Camille Fournet. (They supply oem to some brands). It does not state the material on the lining, only embossed "Camille Fournet Paris".
I've actually had my foot measured on a brannock so I know what it should be. I'll give your calculator a go to see if it matches up.
Thanks Alan, it's a really informative and useful site. Haven't finished reading it all yet! I do think Loake 1880 are underrated and I think they are hard to beat for quality to price ratio. I wear my Loake Edward more than any other shoes. It's so comfy and the tan burnishes really nicely.
Thanks for your excellent site, it is very readable and informative. Bookmarked
I wear this one daily for its comfort and versatility, usually on its alligator deployant bandback on its half-moon links bracelet for the 8th... well, because it's just gone half-moon today
Here's a pic which I hope helps
The Cheaney Harrington is a chisel toe. Just so you know.
If you feel the C&J are not to your liking, you might as well cut your losses and sell them. There's no point keeping shoes you don't wish to wear.
They look really swell Practically identical to the EG Ashby. I think it'll look great in antique mid-dark brown or something like that. Look forward to seeing your result with them!
Thank you Cleav I thought about the Clifford too but decided on Finsbury as I preferred its medallion design, although the total cost including dainite sole conversion still came >£400 so wasn't that much less than Clifford. Not sure if I made the right decision lol but I guess both are mighty fine
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