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  From what TheWraith says, it seems the criterion for this thread is sub-$1000 watches (I presume in today's currency). Interestingly, Rolex didn't start out with the image it has today of being a rich man's watch... its reputation was built on being a quality, durable, practical watch that resisted the elements and would be reliable even under extreme environments, and although never cheap yet it was still within reasonable affordability of the working middle...
Ok...Apologies. Are we allowed to cross-post again in the other thread?
Well, Grand Seiko was mentioned earlier in the thread so I thought it should be appropriate. And besides, the OP started the thread with Omega! I think the other thread seems to be for high ends such as PP anyways...
I'll contribute my Seiko to the thread as well.     Slow date change in the final hour before midnight. WR 100m but superfluous on leather.    I quite like this watch as it's a modest size by today's standards and feels comfy for my wrist
I recently bought a Coach wallet in fawn tan leather. I like it a lot and the ID holder can be taken out separately as a card wallet I also recommend Jekyll&Hyde wallets - the designs and leather quality are excellent.
Thank you Munky Just an update - I emailed Loake customer service asking for advice about removing the ink and was pleasantly surprised to receive a reply from Mr Andrew Loake himself, explaining that he has numbers written on his own shoes too, and apologising that there isn't any way to remove the ink but it was the first time anyone had raised it as an issue He sounds like a very nice man who obviously takes a personal interest in customer care. I've now bought a second...
Went in there today to look for Saphir cream as they advertise it on their website. Asked the guy there if they had any shoe cream and was told (rather dismissively) "no we don't do anything like that here, go back outside along the road there is a cobbler (does he mean Timpsons?), he might be better able to help you". Ok so either their website is lying, or I got the distinct impression he thought I wasn't good enough and couldn't afford anything in his posh shoe shop. I...
Thank you Munky. I wonder if scribbling on the shoe is a way of marking the number of times the shoes have been repaired? But I shall live with it as you advise and try not to be OCD
Just had a pair of Loakes returned from factory refurbishment. They've written the work reference number in biro ink on the leather underside of the facing. Is this normal practice? I know it's out of sight but I'm not sure I appreciate it - it feels like graffiti. Is it safe to use something such as Stain Devils to remove the ink? I know they need to identify the pair in the factory but they could have used a peel-able sticker. :-/
My alligator leather strap^ is supplied by Camille Fournet. (They supply oem to some brands). It does not state the material on the lining, only embossed "Camille Fournet Paris".
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