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Still waiting for the next $39/tie/shipped sale ..
Saw this .. any idea what these are and if they're used on other shirts?  Sorry for the poor pic.  
  I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt.  But when the item is sold, you don't blindly ship the item without seeing what it is.  You have to read the title at least to know which shirt to ship.  How do you read NWT and then proceed to ship a shirt that isn't new, doesn't have tags, and is worn out all over?     And getting money back doesn't mean I got my time back.  Time is money.
    White shirt (Nordstrom): allforall12 CT shirt: kydeals2013
The white & blue shirt was horrible.  At first he wanted me to ship it back then he would refund me the purchase and original shipping.  I told him he needs to pay for return shipping b/c he misrepresented it.  I did link the pictures to the case too, there's no hiding it.  Eventually I got the refund and threw the shirt away.   The blue one is pretty bad too.  It's actually more stained than that picture shows .. looked like someone wore it to the gym.  I'm more...
I suggest local thrift stores and/or eBay if on a budget.  I think BB and CT are probably among the better values but BB is easier to find and doesn't shrink like CT does.  I also like Nordstrom Smartcare or John Nordstrom lines, but look for the newer tags.  The old ones run larger.   I usually search my size minus the combo size and minus brands I dont want.  IE: 16 32 -33 -french -van -arrow   Explanation:  I don't want 32/33, I want 32 length only.  I also don't want...
I forgot to specify eBay purchases.. sounded like XFactor wanted an idea of what's a fair price.   Had a longer response but the system ate it (new member, post has to be reviewed, etc.) .. 
Sorry, I forgot to specify on eBay.  I think he's trying to figure out a ballpark price.  Can also be done by searching completed auctions..   I should have quoted XFactor:
Brooks Bros non-iron slim cost me roughly $20-24 shipped. 
Is there some kind of seller scam I'm not aware of?  Lately I've been buying a few shirts .. I've run into 2 where it's advertised new with tags, guaranteed, etc.  Shirt arrives and it's worn and stained like crazy and of course no tags.  I open a dispute and eventually it gets resolved, but why would you go through this?  Both sellers have good feedback too ..    
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