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The current version is obviously slimmer than the FW11, however I thought the zip would allow to put it on/off easily, unfortunately it does not appear to be the case... Sadly I'm going to pass.   The 3 block jacket from this summer had a side zip yes.       Does anybody know where I can find the Field Parka from this season in Olive ? I haven't seen it anywhere...
Thanks a lot guys.   Without that zipper It would indeed be harsh to put it on/off so I think I won't purchase it. And the fit appears to be loose when compared to the FW13 version.. What do you think ?   I agree, a side zipper would be perfect.
I might be interested in this over parka on ebay right now.   Does anyone know from which collection it is ? And if there's a zip on the back or side (like on the current model) as the seller is apparently not willing to answer my questions.   thanks  
Yes i'm afraid
Nice fabric. I wonder how much cost a yard of printed corduroy ...                           Does somebody know where I can find this shirt ? Except on The Bureau on which it is sold out ?                         Last question : are the Matt Pant and 24Oz Work Jacket black or dark navy ? (As I haven't seen that work jacket in Black)  
Indeed, I should not have shared that e-mail last summer. I'd say BRAVO!   Besides, I've learned Shannon is in hospital, I hope she will recover quickly and that it has nothing to do with pressure or stress related to all these dumb questions and e-mails that some of you sent.
Thank guys. I do understand what you mean by this piece of cotton, so the current version is prone to be slimmer than old one right ?
Just two questions guys, First regarding the Herringbone Bedford, just wanted to know the differences between the FW11 version and the current version in terms of fit and thickness ? I'm considering going true to size on the current one, but also i could size down on the FW 11 As for the Lafayette Polka Dot Flannel, I read here that someone sized down. Is this compulsory ? I don't necessarily want to wear it as an overshirt, that's why I dont really know. Any help would...
Did someone check this Lafayette Flannel Shirt    ? I'm willing to purchase it but I still doubt about thickness ....
Just in at Oi Polloi, I wonder if they made a mistake regarding the 19C BD Corduroy polka dot priced at £155... The field parka seems to be very nice, can't wait to try it out.
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