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Full-strap penny loafer would be dressier with a suit. Common one is Alden, but for a sleeker option, John Lobb's Fencote:     Crockett and Jones also has some sleek pennies... Merton and Sydney come to mind.
Can someone help me identify if the tie below if genuine? The position of the Ferragamo signature on the skinny side of the tie seems off to me, and the tie-keeper look seems to be made of a different fabric from the tie, which I've never seen before. Thanks!    
So it seems that SS just released a "Blue Line" at $399, all Napoli S110. Anyone know the difference between these suits and the Napolis from the "purple line" priced at $469?
I have a shirt similar to the one below, and my bottom button shows just like on the model. Is this okay, or am I supposed to move the cummerbund higher? (I think it would look silly with my cummerbund any higher.) Thanks in advance!  
Opinions on this trouser width?  
do you have pics?
Thanks Mute. Do you have any recommendations for a place that carries a smaller size (this 36 is Ben's smallest offering)? I tried SS but their sleeves are way to short.
 I've added a few pics below. Any opinions? Thanks!   
Thanks, Mute! I will for the suit. Do you (or any other opinions welcome as well) think the 36 is salvageable for the tux if tailored well? I've added some pics below.      
Sorry I only got back pictures of this new tux (smallest size from ehaberdasher). Does it look too big, or is it salvageable? The shoulders feel pretty close to me, maybe an extra centimeter overhang on each side. Thanks for any feedback!  
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