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Either? Is the difference very noticeable?
Bump interested in this too
Sorry a little late to the game here... any 36R/L?   Thanks!
Are apron toes or moc toes preferred for bit loafers (looking for the dressier option)?   Moc toe:  or         vs apron toe:
I'm making a foray into the pinstripe world.. thinking a navy cloth with white pinstripe (is off-white/blue/grey pinstripes preferred for subtlety?). Are there any rules for pinstripes? Are narrower or wider-spaced stripes more modern? Any better suited for slimmer or taller guys? Thanks!
Is sharksin a no-brainer because it's good or because it's bad?
I'm looking for a slim, modern-looking briefcase (more on the casual side so that it will look good on a shoulder strap). Thoughts/preferences on these?   Barneys:   Serapian:   Smythson:   Prada:
Full-strap penny loafer would be dressier with a suit. Common one is Alden, but for a sleeker option, John Lobb's Fencote:     Crockett and Jones also has some sleek pennies... Merton and Sydney come to mind.
Can someone help me identify if the tie below if genuine? The position of the Ferragamo signature on the skinny side of the tie seems off to me, and the tie-keeper look seems to be made of a different fabric from the tie, which I've never seen before. Thanks!    
So it seems that SS just released a "Blue Line" at $399, all Napoli S110. Anyone know the difference between these suits and the Napolis from the "purple line" priced at $469?
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