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Spoo: Well done, Sir! Nothing screams elegant taste like a Tri-Compax.
Rudals - while I am not in love with the red tie, I certainly don't hate it.
Another +1 for Henry Carter.
I would have preferred a bit more color in Spoo's pocket square but otherwise its killer!
SB:   The black silk tie and the black shoes work extremely well in my book - good show!
Superb, Mr E!
bbdontcry:  Love the fit and the photos, 'though the unbuttoned collar doesn't really look right to me.
Very pulled together look, Timotune!
A nice look, MC!
Hello, I'm James - a businessman from the metro-Atlanta area.    I am a lifelong fan of dressing well and am seldom without a coat and tie.  Am also a collector of wristwatches. 
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