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I'm here! And eagerly waiting for MrP's and LVR's
Yes, only if the same item/same size is in stock and price drops they'll match
It was mainly because I had a bunch of things that only had one item left my size. Among them Ami & canali trousers, D&G boots & Alex McQueen cufflinks. I guess I have to thank whoever took them, he made me save some money.
Damn. I can never catch Mr P's sale on time, I thought it was going to be on Monday. Now I have 5 items sold out from my shopping bag.
I would appreciate opinions, trying to decide between these two... This one is actually slightly darker than in the pic   Or
Me neither
Looks good. Like the color and style, definitely would depend on the fit.
I like them a lot. I Would buy them but can't justify another pair of black captoes.
I like them, especially the burnishing. Actually I have a similar pair. I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Should I buy this blazer?   I want a sportier grey blazer than the one I have but not sure if this one is too sporty considering I'm 35 already.
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