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Ooh I might do this one!
Thanks all. I tend to agree with all of your comments. The jacket doesn't really work, it does need to be something more casual.
Posting a more casual fit as I genuinely want opinions on it.    M&S jacket (from a suit - I will be getting a blazing soon though)Benetton sweaterLevi's 519sVans Rata Vulc  [[SPOILER]]
I like the floral print shirt, Neofinitia.
 Thanks, that's pretty good - I'm certain they are genuine as my dad owned them for so long, I have pictures of him wearing them when I was a kid. And pre-80s sounds about right; I would imagine he got them in the late 70s. Pity there's no other way to narrow the date field. I don't think BL is etched in the lense but I'll double check.
^ I like it except for the PS.
These were my dad's, late 70s / early 80s. They don't have Ray Ban printed on the lens but he insisted they were Ray Bans, plus he has the original Ray Ban case he bought them in.   Any words on this? Age? Authenticity?     Here's the top bar etching:   And the bottom:
Thanks for all the thumbs again, gents, been feeling the love this week.   Today I went for something bit bolder.         
@kulata you look great!
 Yes Stitch I hear ya, the suit I wore yesterday is actually probably more suited as it is a more textured, softer wool. I didn't plan ahead and should've really worn today and yesterday's fits the other way around, suit-wise. Still though, in terms of the gingham and the business-suit, its not one I do very often anymore but I feel it is generally acceptable in terms of being a London / UK sort of thing (which we've discussed before). Even though I'm in Ireland. :) And...
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