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Same phone, different app (Instagram) and location (my kitchen).
 Different colours, but this reminds of Paul McCartney in "Magical Mystery Tour": 
Continuing the louder ties, I was worried the colour in the tie might clash with the shoes, any opinions? I reckon it was OK in the end.    
WIWT. PRL tie, TM Lewin suit and shirt.  
New Brooks Bros tie.  
None of mine are cuffed, but was thinking of getting one or two cuffed just to mix it up a bit. And Spoo and others have proved that cuffed trousers can still look very elegant in a European way.
I figured it was time to stop taking photos in the men's room.   New Luciano Barbera tie from Luxeswap.    
I'm glad pB is back.
If you were to drop it it should be to try and get a nice dimple on your tie - I always feel ties look all wrong unless they have a dimple. FIH will give you a nice dimple and you'll have an easier time with your ties as the back blade will be longer. Your fit looks OK but your jacket looks a little tight - could also be the way you are standing / sitting.  I'd fix your PS too to be either a TV fold, or a puff - at the moment its a bit neither. I like the pattern on the...
Back to loud.     Massimo Bizzocchi Arrow M&S Collezione Canali
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