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Best I could do, "my team" being Ireland in the rugby world cup:    
Can't not thumb that one Crusty!
Greetings all. Some recent fits:          
Some recent fits:          
Thanks for all the thumbs recently gents, three 20(+) thumbed fits in a row!  
Last time out I didn't give a proper picture of this suit, so here goes:     Suitsupply TM Lewin Brooks Bros
One from the other week, was on a recent shopping spree in London but most of the Jermyn Street shops were closed by the time I got down there. Luckily, Boggi was open so I picked up this shirt, as worn here with a Brooks Bros tie:  
Everything here is great.
 Probably. It could also be something to do with being confident in their looks - and being slightly extrovert. Having said that, I do agree with you somewhat - though there may be a bit of vanity thrown in as well!  
My first ever Suitsupply suit, the Soho model. Worn with a Drake's tie, TM Lewin shirt, and Grenson shoes:    
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