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  Brooks Bros tie (thrifted, for €1) Suitsupply Washington grey herringbone suit TM Lewin shirt & PS
It definitely looks better after tailoring, but I fear the shoulders may be a bit too big. You could always get a lapel hole put in, but I'm not sure about the ventless part. That would be weird.
First shot ended up very grainy - was dark and trying to adjust the light setting. iPhones...      
Proper shot for once.       Polo RL M&S Louis Copeland TM Lewin
First time out with a pin collar shirt, and I love it!     Gloomy morning lower decks shot:
Thanks Mr D. I actually purposely went with a smaller, thinner tie to make it fit within those collars. The lapels are so wide anyway that even a thicker tie would be too small! Hear you about the cuffs, however it was a reasonably informal evening (the dress code was "smart" - most of the men were in suits though) so I figured I'd tone it down slightly and go with the round cuffs. Plus, that was the only shirt I had to hand with collars like that! 
Christmas party time.       Suitsupply Reiss Anonymous thrifted tie Italian silk PS Canali Grenson
Two quick views of the same suit from two different weeks:       Which was better?
Which, the green one? Yes that's probably the most far out tie I have. I post pictures of it just to annoy StyFo peeps. 
Hello all. Some recent fits:              
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