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Trousers too short?
    Tie I got for €8.
 In Ireland we sometimes call it "the jacks". As in, "I'm going to the jacks".
Don't worry, I have my reasons! 
Wonder can someone help me - I'm looking for the buyer of this tie, which was for sale through Luxeswap earlier this year:     I'd like to get in touch with the buyer to see if he would be interested in selling it to me. Any chance anyone here bought it?
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.     [[SPOILER]]
Its a rainy day in Dublin today. I've worn this before but here I am wearing it again:    
Am aware of the lack of love of yellow ties round these here parts, but I happen to love them, especially teamed with a dark navy suit and blue shirt, as below. Its a sunny spring-like day here in Dublin, so it suits the mood.   Tie is new, Hilditch & Key.      
Delighted to get this tie, I was an admirer of it for a while!    [[SPOILER]]
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