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Maybe he just got out of a coma.
Thanks! Damn iPhones. The bottom picture is probably the best representation of the colour; the tie is most certainly navy!
I missed the Friday "blue" challenge, but I think this would've been good for it:       [[SPOILER]]
Haven't posted anything new for a while, so here goes:            M&S Collezione suit Hugo Boss tie (thrifted, €8) TM Lewin shirt Grenson Kirk shoes Canali belt Cotton PS
Ooh I might do this one!
Thanks all. I tend to agree with all of your comments. The jacket doesn't really work, it does need to be something more casual.
Posting a more casual fit as I genuinely want opinions on it.    M&S jacket (from a suit - I will be getting a blazing soon though)Benetton sweaterLevi's 519sVans Rata Vulc  [[SPOILER]]
I like the floral print shirt, Neofinitia.
 Thanks, that's pretty good - I'm certain they are genuine as my dad owned them for so long, I have pictures of him wearing them when I was a kid. And pre-80s sounds about right; I would imagine he got them in the late 70s. Pity there's no other way to narrow the date field. I don't think BL is etched in the lense but I'll double check.
^ I like it except for the PS.
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