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Chocosa wins the thread. Where'd you get the suit?
Pocket isn't slanted, it might just be the angle of the photo.
Back to business.    
That's a dumpable tie if ever I saw one! 
Natural light.      Brooks Bros TM Lewin Arrow
Thanks for the thumbs yesterday old chaps; been keeping it pretty subdued this week:      
I suppose there's a different between loud and "garish" - we don't want to go down that road. I have a few that would be considered "garish", but then again some others might consider a tie to be loud where I don't.   For example, my "ducky tie" - the red one with the seagulls which actually got a good few thumbs - would certainly be loud, but for this I'm not sure I'd use it. I have some strong pink and yellow ones, but again they would edge toward garishness.   I'll...
Like Mimo I'm business development, so I need to stand out in a way... at 6'5" I'm fairly noticeable, but the level of menswear here in Ireland is shocking, at least among the ordinary office workers, so anything you do above and beyond will make you stand out, like wearing a PS (which is rare in Dublin).    I noticed when I was in London recently there were a lot of guys in suits but no ties... not a look I like. A friend of mind once said it makes one look like a...
This has me written all over it!   Only thing, which of my loud ties do I pick?!
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