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Haven't posted in ages. How's everybody?  
I don't get involved in many discussions here anymore but the last few pages have been interesting reading.   I fully agree that mirror shine is an option (and also, if you can do it right!) but only in the right context. What I like about Nick's posts is that he always looks "cool" - relaxed, easy going, and friendly with his smile (good looks help too ). It does look like he just "threw it on". However when you look closely at what he is wearing, the quality is superb,...
 Just a tip - select the larger image option when posting pictures, that might give us a better idea of what you are wearing. A couple of close ups too are also nice. As for the fit, can't tell if that is black or navy, anyway the trousers look like they might be too loose or too long, from the way they are baggy around your thighs. I know, this happens to me on occasion, when the cut of the upper part of the trousers is too wide.
New Brooks Bros tie.  
  Atkinson's wool spring tie.   Drake's for Luxeswap pocketsquare.   TM Lewin shirt.   M&S Collezione suit.
Thrifted this monster yesterday for a fiver:  
Thanks for the thumbs yesterday. Today: variation on a theme.  
Having enjoyed the partial solar eclipse this morning, I decided to post. Haven't done so for a while!    
Sorry it didn't work out. But don't forget ties - Ties will make it all better.  
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