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New Brooks Bros tie from Luxeswap.    
You'll get there, RTC.
 I agree. You get to a point where you know what the best option is... yet you plump for something else. Just because you feel like it. The goal is to have enough nice pieces and enough options when it comes to matching / coherence / etc so you can do that and still look good.
The Pink.   The Robo-pose.   The more natural, relaxed pose.   Shoes in motion.   Paul Smith TM Lewin Grenson M&S Collezione Swatch Canali
I'm back, bitches.    
Its quite a London / Jermyn Street look than a USA look, granted.
Hmm well its a tricky one, its not a shirt I wear very often due to the fact that its so bold and its hard to match things to it.  If anything I feel the tie is risky - the shirt / suit balance is OK and the tie / suit balance is OK, but overall... - I'm 70% happy with the look though, as I feel it is balanced and is coherent. There's a better tie to wear with this shirt though, I just don't own it yet.  
Not as crazy today.          
That sounds nice to me - light blue gingham, open neck (with maybe an extra button open). If you wanted to go sockless you could, but that mightn't go down well with the cowboy wearing lot... 
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