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Great combo, really smart.
New suit, from Suitsupply:     Check out those lapels!  
Better use of brown here. And yes, I decided to show my face after three years or so...   Shirt is very pale blue.  
You know, I don't disagree with you. I've always struggled with this tie to be honest; something about the shade of brown and how the pink detail sits in it. Alone the pieces are fine but together, as you say, there's something about it, which I didn't really notice until after I put it on. I think a plain brown tie might have worked best here. Thanks for the comment.
Suitsupply Doppelganger Zegna
    Suitsupply Gieves & Hawkes Pal Zileri
    Sorry for the green:   Suitsupply Washington suit Savoy Taylor's Guild shirt Pal Zileri tie Magnanni shoes
  Brooks Bros tie (thrifted, for €1) Suitsupply Washington grey herringbone suit TM Lewin shirt & PS
It definitely looks better after tailoring, but I fear the shoulders may be a bit too big. You could always get a lapel hole put in, but I'm not sure about the ventless part. That would be weird.
First shot ended up very grainy - was dark and trying to adjust the light setting. iPhones...      
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