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 The secret to a successful marriage, by Noodles.
Like the tie / shirt. And the suit / shoes in fairness! I'd have done my PS a different way, perhaps a TV fold, but it is what it is.
What do you think about the balance of this fit? I think the tie / shirt pairing / suit is OK, I'm curious about opinions on the PS choice however. I didn't got for a plain TV as I am wearing brown shoes, so wanted to do something less formal to reflect that. Given the suit is formal I'm not sure it matters.   Tie is Luciano Barbera.      
The best of British: Hackett, Drake's, M&S, Grenson (unseen).        
Very nice DonC.
New Brooks Bros tie from Luxeswap.    
You'll get there, RTC.
 I agree. You get to a point where you know what the best option is... yet you plump for something else. Just because you feel like it. The goal is to have enough nice pieces and enough options when it comes to matching / coherence / etc so you can do that and still look good.
The Pink.   The Robo-pose.   The more natural, relaxed pose.   Shoes in motion.   Paul Smith TM Lewin Grenson M&S Collezione Swatch Canali
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