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Going to an 'Under the Sea' themed party next week. Has anyone been to one?   I'm thinking of dressing up as a drowned Navy Sea Captain/Officer. Will a navy peacoat with white dress shirt and black knit tie work? Also going to buy a hat from a costume shop. Or should I get a double breasted jacket with gold buttons/emblems? I don't want to spend too much since I doubt I'll wear the double breasted after this party much.
I am amazed at how easy these boots are to put on. You put your foot in, slip one finger into each tag and pull and your foot goes right in! Taking them off is also a breeze since you do the same thing and it slips off. Brilliant.
I'm looking for a navy suit $500-$1000 to replace my current polyester $300 suit.    Is Suitsupply the best place to my first real suit?    Also wondering if there's any other place around the world that gives better value for money with my budget. I'm looking to travel somewhere at the end of the year and was hoping to combine it with suit shopping. Perhaps a tailored suit in Asia?
 How much are they? Better value than these? http://www.herringshoes.co.uk/product-info.php?&brandid=6&shoeid=1916
 ShoeHealer - £158.33Herring with chtree for Free £20 shoe trees - £178.33 So it's about the same. The trees you get from Herring are the Herring Expanding Trees. Is it better to go with ShoeHealer and buy some separate shoetrees locally or just go with Herring?  Also any ShoeHealer coupon codes?
With the euro drop and autumn here, it seems to perfect time to buy a pair of Loake Pimlico in Dark Brown Suede. Where would be the cheapest? I'm thinking Pediwear or Herring Shoes.
Where can I get an inexpensive suit brush?  Looked online at Kent Brushes at they're $120+ which is a bit out of my budget (about $20?)
Craftsman or Comfort Craftsman in Chestnut Yearling leather?   Craftsman is classic but I tend to walk a lot (and hoping these boots will last me forever) so I was wondering if Comfort Craftsman would be a better choice. What else should I consider when deciding between the two?
 Oh wow what happened to Katrina? Remember seeing the name pop up on these forums in the past. In that case I'll check out Sam, he's on the other side of the city from where I work but sounds promising. Cheers.
Good tailors in Melbourne?   I just bought a suit from MJ Bale and looking to get it adjusted. Not sure whether to go with the default MJ Bale tailor or look elsewhere. I heard some good things about Katrina's Designs.
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