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Should i apply the RM Williams Shoe Polish or Saphir Dark Brown Cream Polish?
Any tips on how to care for my chestnut craftsman?   I'm planning to apply some Saphir Renovateur but not sure whether to follow it up with the RM Williams Boot Polish or some Dark Brown Saphir Cream Polish (or both).
Gents,   Suitsupply suit just arrived and I need a tailor. Used to go to Sam and Feys near Docklands but seems like the man's retired.   Any suggestions?
Where's a good place to get a horsehair shoe brush and cloth in Melbourne?   Oddly enough I've lost mine...
 I wonder if the brush and cloth is good quality. Given there's no branding and it's in a set, I'm quite skeptical.
Is the shoe polish set any good?
Are the shoe trees at DM any good?   I bought some Meermin and forgot they don't come with trees...
I have high hopes for Korean horror after A Tale of Two Sisters.Is The Wailing actually horror though or is it more of a thriller?
Finally got myself a pair of Dynamic Flex Craftsman in the Chestnut for the rainy weather in Melbourne next week.   I'm about to treat them with a layer of Saphir Renovateur. Is there anything else I need to do to take care of them before I wear them for the first time?   Also what about care overtime, will I need shoe trees?
 I was worried grained calf might not be formal enough for a suit. Ultimately, I ended up getting a pair of RM William Craftsman boots with the dynamic flex sole as my go-to rain shoes.
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