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Where does everyone get their dress socks from. Are these Henry Bucks pack of 3 rib socks for $35 any good?   Also while in Henry Bucks, I decided to check out their flannel trousers that were on sale since I'm still on the search for my first pair.    There was this really nice pair from Boglioli but none in my size (30/46) http://www.henrybucks.com.au/store/Boglioli-Wool-Flannel-Flat-Front-Trousers.html   However, they did have this one in my size, though I've...
Where's a good place to pick up my first pair of grey flannel trousers?   I'm going Japan soon and was wondering if they do any good ones there. 
 Can someone link me to a pair similar to these from HY?  http://www.howardyount.com/collections/pants/products/four-season-super-100s-mid-gray-1 The only one I can find on the website is this but they're out of my size, slightly more expensive and look a bit different (slightly darker). http://www.dapperclassics.com/Shop/100-fresco-merino-wool-mid-gray
 How do they fit? I'm a 29" waist but they advise sizing up and let the tailor take things in. I think I'll get the 30".  And I guess 230g, being the lightest wool they have, is the best weight since Australia doesn't get that cold (though Melbourne is freezing right now).
Where to buy grey flannel trousers?    Howard Yount?  http://www.howardyount.com/collections/pants/products/four-season-super-100s-mid-gray-1
Going to spend the afternoon cleaning my Red Wing Beckmans.   Should I use Red Wing Mink Oil or Saphir Renovateur or both (which should I apply first)?
Thanks for all the tips so far. Looks like I'm in the sweet spot US 36-38 with narrow waist. Though my large thighs may make it difficult finding raw denim that will fit me.
Heading to Japan at the end of the year (Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, etc.).   Just wondering what I should be looking to buy in terms of clothing while I'm over there. Any particular shops I should make an effort to go to?
 My mum has a Diana Ferrari Water and Stain Protector, can I use that for my suede shoes?
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