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I have high hopes for Korean horror after A Tale of Two Sisters.Is The Wailing actually horror though or is it more of a thriller?
Finally got myself a pair of Dynamic Flex Craftsman in the Chestnut for the rainy weather in Melbourne next week.   I'm about to treat them with a layer of Saphir Renovateur. Is there anything else I need to do to take care of them before I wear them for the first time?   Also what about care overtime, will I need shoe trees?
 I was worried grained calf might not be formal enough for a suit. Ultimately, I ended up getting a pair of RM William Craftsman boots with the dynamic flex sole as my go-to rain shoes.
 Thanks I'll check C&J out. I was considering shell as well but was worried they might be annoying to care for if they get wet. Would shell be better than calf in the rain? On a budget, I'm guessing any pair with a rubber sole from Meermin might also work? Those dress boots look quite nice; I've never owned dress boots before.https://meermin.es/catalogo.php?x=0&y=0&s=rubber Although winter here might end before I receive anything from Meermin...
 I'm still starting off my shoe wardrobe, just been rotating between my Loake Strands and Loake Aldwych for work. I've worn them a once or twice on a rainy day already but it doesn't feel right since the leather sole gets soaked. Being in Australia, I prefer not to get Allen Edmonds because I feel I can get something better for the shipping costs. Also I feel the styles can be a bit clunky sometimes (definitely prefer a sleeker fit). G&G is definitely out of my budget for...
Can anyone recommend some dress shoes to wear on rainy days? I only have leather soled shoes and looking to buy something different for the rain.
Raining everyday next week in Melbourne... I probably need to get some rubber soled shoes for the office, any recommendations?
I'm very impressed by the service and reputation of Equus. Think I'll give them a shot!Any recommendations on which colour I should choose to go with my Loake Burgundy Strand? (photos of colour below)http://www.styleforum.net/products/loake-strand/reviews/3902I'm tossing up between Australian Nut or Burgundy.
I'm looking for a solid black dress belt for work, and probably a burgundy one as well while I'm at it.   Currently tossing up between Herring's Kensington Belt and Equus' West End Leather Belt.   http://www.herringshoes.co.uk/product-info.php?colset=1&styleid=2020&shoeid=7585&brandid=6&catid=147&oldcolid=4046&stype=0&colourid=4045 http://www.equusleather.co.uk/west-end-bridle-leather-belt.html   Does anyone have experience with these and can give me some...
 Unfortunately not my size Oli. I can't remember exactly but weren't you the one going on about owning only 2 belts? How will you hold your trousers up now if you're selling those 2? Anyways I'll check Herring out. I'm a size 29, so I'm guessing a size 30 will fit? They do say to size up 2 inches. Also know any good Herring codes working at the moment?
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