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Going to Singapore, anything good to buy there?
Going to Singapore for two weeks. I recently started my first job in a consulting firm so I own just a single navy suit. I was thinking of getting a charcoal one in Hong Kong but turns out I'm going to Singapore instead. Is it the right time and place to get a suit there? Should I go bespoke? I live in Australia so pretty sure anywhere is cheaper than here.
How to become a Loake club member?
Congrats mate!   On another matter, I've been eyeing a pair of Loake Pimlico in Dark Brown Suede for a while but not sure where to get them. Pediwear has a small sale and it comes to $290.80 delivered. Herring Shoes has it for $347.62 with shoe trees after a promo code. Thoughts?
Do I need shoe trees for my Loake Pimlico Suede?
They're both on sale at Pediwear right now. Can't decide which one to get for a pair of brown suede chukkas. Loake Pimlico Suede: http://www.pediwear.co.uk/loake/products/5631.php Loake Kempton Suede: http://www.pediwear.co.uk/loake/products/2514.php
I already have one white polo (with navy stripes) from Polo Ralph Lauren (Kind of like this one:http://www.davidhollier.co.uk/image/cache/data/Men%20Ralph%20Lauren%20Stripe%20Polo/Ralph%20Lauren%20Single%20Stripe%20Polo%20in%20White%20navy1-450x450.jpg) Looking to purchase two more from Kent Wang. I'm thinking a solid navy one (http://www.kentwang.com/polos/polo-navy.html). What other colour should I get if I only own three polos? Regarding fit, I presume I'll be a...
Chinos/Jeans are no go because the dress code is 'business professional'. Yea I have black captoe oxfords but I don't want to wear them everyday and would like to save them for more formal events. I'm a intern at an actuarial consulting firm. Last time I wore my brown brogues, my friend said 'nice cowboy shoes'...
So everyone in the office dresses like this:   Plain/patterned white/blue shirt (classic collar) Suit pants Black belt Black square-toed shoes   If they're seeing a client, they put on a tie and suit jacket.   Since I'm new, should I be dressing like this to fit in?    I have a couple OCBDs, knit ties, brown brogues and belt but I never see these around Melbourne. 
Any stores in NYC that stock grey flannel trousers?   I'm after a pair similar to Epaulet's Rudy-fit (room in seat but tapered leg opening) but I can't afford to wait weeks for it to be made. Need to try in-store and buy right away.
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