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Fit (aside from the sleeves, obviously) looks fine for a casual jacket. Actually, seeing that worn makes me want one. Could you perhaps confirm or deny that the measurements on their site are accurate? (Also, is the jacket darted/slimmed through the waist at all? It doesn't look like it in the pic you posted or their site, but every other jacket I've got from Uniqlo is darted...)
Anyone know when the fifth streets will be hitting stores/online catalogs? I've wanted a pair of balmoral boots forever and I don't want to miss getting my size!
One of my friends is looking to buy a pair of jeans, and he has measurements that I haven't been able to find anything to match: 36 inch waist, 27.5 inch thighs, and a 36 inch inseam (he's an amateur MMA fighter... I guess the squats really pay off). Is there anything that would work for him? (He can't even squeeze into a pair of 36x36 501s, so it's not looking too good...)
Not a clothes suggestion, but if you get the chance go to Buddakan and get the Dim Sum Donuts and/or the Chocolate Bento Box. As for shopping, I didn't look incredibly hard while I lived there (was strapped for cash), but from what I could gather you really should just skip the city and go to King of Prussia.
I just did a load of laundry, and EVERY one of my colored shirts now has these odd stains that sort of look like water dripped on the shirt (but they're definitely dry). How do I get them out?
Quote: Originally Posted by bombers What size did you get? Do you (or anyone who owns it) mind posting some measurements (waist, knee, hem)? Thanks. I'm washing mine at the moment, but from the email they sent me (and I think it's fairly accurate and you should be able to infer how the measurements scale): SIZE: 34 36 GRMT WAIST: 35 1/2 inches 37 1/2 inches SEAT: 44 45 3/4 FRNT RISE: 9 9 3/8 BACK RISE: 15 15 1/2 BTM OPENING: 16...
Quote: Originally Posted by sazon forgive the lack of pix, but the slim fit khakis are the best $ I've spent on khakis in my memory. +1 I wish they came in more colors. Fit is exactly what I was looking for. Also, the shaker-knit shawl collar cardigan is pretty nice. Extremely thick/chunky for cotton, although I wish they made it in wool or at least a wool/cotton blend - I've been looking for something like it ever since I saw Bullitt.
I'd probably buy one if he had any in my size... Why no 39R? A 40 is too big in the chest/shoulders and a 38 has pants that can only be let out to 1 inch short of my waist size.
Quote: Originally Posted by HandsomeBoyModelling "I am extremely OCD..." Believe me when I say this is the best advice you're going to receive: Forget about your clothes. Do not, I repeat, do not indulge any more time or energy into thinking about your clothing. I promise that the fit of your shirt is going to be the last thing anyone of any real consequence in your life will ever notice or care about. Pick a well-known person whose accomplishments...
Random ass question, and I don't really expect anyone to know the answer, but: Does anyone know if/where one can purchase Sobranie Black Russians in the United States? I float between Davidoff Reds, Dunhills, and Camel Filters when I can't find either of the former, but ever since I smoked a pack of Sobranies a year ago every other cigarette has been just a little inadequate (not to mention less stylish).
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