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Had never ever heard of Alice Munro but I had seen the movie 'Away from Her' which was adapted from one of her books and I didn't know it...   Anyway, went back and read the original, "The Bear Came Over the Mountain," fantastic read. Thanks for the recommendation!
That is true, but not enough for me to stop using it. Can you set up ad block to not block certain sites?
Just buy them on Ebay or something. Sweaters are stretchy so I don't think you really need them to be tailored. And yea I think they guy in 3 has 2 buttons undone which is why there is far less structure to his shirt and collar, not really a great look for the office. The other guy just has the collar button open and looks far more appropriate for an office environment. I like the vneck as it shows off a bit more of the shirt and looks good if you decide to wear a tie....
Quote: Wow, did not even know there was a new season out! That is super news, one of my favourite shows. Love the tees that Roy wears, only place I can find that has similar is snorg tees but if anyone has other options would be keen to talk a look.
Although thinner crepe de chine still has the appearance of regular silk. I have only seen scarves and dresses made from it but don't see why it wouldn't make a good pocket square. More of a cotton fan myself and linen can make for an interesting alternative.
If you are going to wear a waistcoat get side adjusters. If you are just going the 2 piece and like belts go for the belt loops but I would definitely get one or the other.
Yep, hands down Tirailleur1.
This is just tops! Something like that could definitely make its way into my wardrobe for spring carnival.   Although I don't think I really like the patch pockets... can't really see them but the look massive.
Challenge accepted!   This thread is great, I am always pretty 'safe' with my shirt selection but I think it is time to step at least a little outside the comfort zone and try something new.
I love the look of ray bans but I have quite a large head and find that they aren't actually big enough to proportionally fit my face.   Any ideas some vintage ray bans that are larger than usual?
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