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52,050 + 54 = 52,104
47516 + 37 = 47553
45,685 + 28 = 45,713
I love all of your grenadine finas, DC, you always seem to pick the perfect one for the outfit. You have great color coordination, IMHO.
I find that long, flowing, beautiful hair looks out of place in these photos (to my eye). I think this is a big part of Kylerton pulling off the look.
I was intending to compete, but didn't have the time to take pics. I had my Character & Fitness interview for the NY Bar on Friday; it's a walk in the park, but I wasn't going to take any chances about being on time. In any case, like others have said, many strong entries this week. Looking good, gentlemen!
44,706 + 16 = 44,722
+15 = 42,467
Oh well, I guess we will never get to know the trick. Too bad.
Impress Asian women with this one weird clothing trick! Click to find out how!
New Posts  All Forums: