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I have been gone from this forum for about a year, and holy *#$% you guys have stepped up your game! Gone are the days when I could hope to be "not last" in the Friday Challenge! Thanks again for all of the inspiration for me and my tiny closet.   I don't have any tweed for this week's Challenge, but I wore my closest-to-tweed today:  
My, it's been a while for me! I put on some of my old favorites today, so I thought I'd pop back in and see what's up. Nice to see all you gents still looking as good as ever.   Jacket: Suitsupply Lazio Shirt: CEGO Tie: Brooks Brothers Trousers: Epaulet Walt
I saw this and it reminded me of the "125K pull ups in 2015" thread: Do one push up on January 1st, and do one additional push up every day of the year thereafter, until you do 365 push ups on December 31st. We're now on day 43, so it's a great time to begin with 43 push ups today.   I am currently doing sets of 26 push ups, and have done 3 sets so far today, so that's 78 push ups today. I guess if you are hardcore, you can try to do all of the push ups in one set, so...
52,050 + 54 = 52,104
47516 + 37 = 47553
45,685 + 28 = 45,713
I love all of your grenadine finas, DC, you always seem to pick the perfect one for the outfit. You have great color coordination, IMHO.
I find that long, flowing, beautiful hair looks out of place in these photos (to my eye). I think this is a big part of Kylerton pulling off the look.
I was intending to compete, but didn't have the time to take pics. I had my Character & Fitness interview for the NY Bar on Friday; it's a walk in the park, but I wasn't going to take any chances about being on time. In any case, like others have said, many strong entries this week. Looking good, gentlemen!
44,706 + 16 = 44,722
New Posts  All Forums: