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Weird, for a guy in Toronto, shouldn't you be creepy nice? Shall I say, sorry? I know you senior members are very important on here, so for that, I apologize for having any meaningful discussion.
Smartwool socks buddy. $18 a pair at REI and buy 3 and get 10% off. Only socks that someone should buy in my opinion. Merino wool and absorb sweat, smells and really anything else you throw at them and they last forever. All the other socks out there pretty much suck. Smartwool makes business socks as well.
Definitely don't feel bad at all, but like I said in my last comment, it just proves how little I like to buy from them these days and how disconnected they are from their customer base. You're right though, the merchandise overall isn't very good. Yoox on the other hand, really gets a 9.5 (out of 10) from me on their customer interaction and customer service.
Ha. Tell me about it, man.. Looking back at my first few comments, I definitely sound like a 17 year old turned down for the prom. I guess I was more critical because of the massive loss of business for them. Offering items at 75% off clearance prices that seemingly only benefits a few it a dumb business. There were like 5 people that bought 10-20 items and yet, all the Aspesi items I checked out are still on the Warehouse site. If they went 75% off today, would I buy two...
SUMMER15 through July 28th. I'm at pro level (or whatver the heck they call it) on Yoox so I get these things nearly daily at this point. As for the Barney's sale, I'm at the summer intern level.
Agreed. Let's talk about what's relevant or important to you on an internet forum where people post their opinions about stuff. 
Exactly. I read comments from people that bought 10 and 20 items among 2 and 3 orders and I just didn't understand how that was possible since there isn't that much merchandise on the warehouse site to begin with. I was very confused initially, but after the recent batch of comments, much has been cleared up. 
That actually does and makes sense. It's really no big deal about the sale. It was just very unclear and poorly done in my opinion on the part of Barney's, which really isn't terribly surprising. Thanks. 
Yes. I was on the Barney's warehouse site and also browsed their "clearance" section. None of the items you speak of were in there and now that I think of it, there were a few items I previously viewed that weren't on the site at all. I find it highly unlikely that, for example, the black Zanone polo I was eyeing and available in 48,50,52,54 and appeared to have multiple in certain sizes, sold out in one day after being on the site for 6 months. There was also an Aspesi...
Exactly. And I am in NYC, and I was on the site around this time last week and saw none of what the people on here are talking about. It's very strange. 
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