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I'm more upset with the pansies on this forum, which has been a problem not only for me, but for many and for many years. The irony is, this always happens when I try to be helpful. Never do I have these types arguments in real life, but for whatever reason, it happens all the time on here. It's like these dudes know exactly what I am saying, but troll for the fun of it. Personally, I think they know if they fuck with me and people like me on these forums, it riles us up....
I am not all all unhappy with the product as the suits are gorgeous and fit incredibly OTR. I have no issue with a lack of response nor did I demand one or hold you accountable for a sale. My initial post was designed to be informative. In hindsight, perhaps I shouldn't have been so pointed about your intern, but I'm not going to apologize for that. 
I can see you two knuckleheads hi-fiving each other with delight over this. 
And my earlier comment still stands, that the suits are terrific.   I will not comment any longer as the piece of shit group of tools on here (its a problem with styleforum overall) do not deserve any help and as the jackass above me just commented I need a hug, you all only have yourselves to blame for piling on "as it's fun" on these forums. I'm convinced many of you get a kick out of it. My earlier comment stands and was posted with the intention to be informative....
And there proves my point that you're all a bunch of twats on these forums. Using comments against posters is fun for you as you stated. Who does that? What value have you added to your day? At least I gave honest feedback. 
Fuck all of you idiots on here. Trying to help you out.   And yes, I deleted my comments. No value in sharing anything with you people. It's the same drill every single time. Bunch of fucking diva's on here. 
I'll add more to this.   https://www.reddit.com/r/malefashionadvice/comments/3ohleo/discussion_every_man_should_have_a_navy_blazer/   Navy blazers, in the traditional sense (e.g. EG doesn't count, patterns don't count) are so boring. The fabric is dull and uninteresting. A tweed in gray, brown, or navy for the winter, and a blue linen for the summer will probably get more total use than just buying a navy blazer. I can't think of a single situation I would wear one...
New Posts  All Forums: