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How much are you looking for?
might want to list the size
Are these still available?
This still available or what?
Pm'ed you
Hello everyone,   I am a med student who will be heading off to interviews in a few months and thought I would start looking for an appropriate suit. I know you guys find treasure troves of goodies on here from thrift stores and am hoping perhaps one of you may have found something that fits me and am willing to part with it.   I am 6'1, and usually wear a something with 18.5 inch shoulders, 22in chest, and 26 inch sleeves.   Hopefully, one of you dapper blokes can...
Dude how tall are you and how long are your arms?
Do they come with case and cloth? Also what are the measurements of the lenses written on the inside of the arms?
Hey guys, I'm sure this question has been answered multiple times, but I can't seem to find it, so here goes. Is it advised to size up for the bayfield due to the insole? Thanks in advance you dapper blokes
Fellow AE connoisseurs, based On what I have surmised from reading this forum, the Poron insole of the promontory point makes the shoe fit tighter than comfortable if you order TTS. Has this been the case for those of you with the boot? I am a size 11d in daltons, should I go 11.5 for the promontory point?
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