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 I have a 10.5 Arran for sale if you're interested. Looking to sell them the price I paid for them at the Sale. Perfect condition.
 Next GMTO please!
Gaziano & Girling Arran Boots - NIB - Never Worn   Vintage Oak MH71 Last Size 10.5UK  Width E   Open to answer any questions. Shoe box has minor dents. Shoe trees not provided.   Price includes shipping with insurance.   Happy to provide more photos and measurements.   Thanks.
I'm in for the Arran GMTO. Hatch grain perhaps?
Picked up a pair of Arran in 10.5UK, MH71, in Vintage Oak with a double sole. Unfortunately they're slightly too small after wearing them around the house.
I bought a pair of Arran in oak, MH71 with a double sole
    New Alvaro alligator belt and calf leather sandals, both in burgundy. 
 Very nice. What's the leather like?
Anywhere in London I can try on a pair of SC's?
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